Dellman 12:51 22 Feb 2005

Anyone got any experience of using this for making phonecalls over internet?

Good or Bad?

I don't presently have Broadband. Will this be a problem if I try to use it?

  Brock100 13:01 22 Feb 2005

I have used it to talk to my son in the western Isles and the sound quality is good both of us were on dial up at the time

  StuPC-2004 13:14 22 Feb 2005

I've had nothing but good experiences using Skype - but that's always been using broadband. I just *assumed* it wouldn't work reliably over dial-up.
But it works just fine using dial-up, does it?

This could be so helpful if I'm trying to fix my in-laws PC for them via the phone (as I so often am...)

  Stuartli 14:11 22 Feb 2005

This link will interest you:

click here

  Curio 14:14 22 Feb 2005

I use it to contact my son in Saudi. I am broadband, he is dial-up. No problems once the connection settles down.

  Praxis99 16:26 22 Feb 2005

In my last job I used it extensively talking to one of our manufacturers in China (for the excuse/s of the day)! Worked extremely well both using a handset or a PC mic and speakers.

Its easy to set up and use. Only concern is that one or two colleagues started to get some odd unsolicited calls such as from a guy in Israel who "wanted to practice his English" (I kid you not)!. Though these can be screened out.

  Dellman 13:01 23 Feb 2005


How do these unsolicited calls come through? I thought you would set up your agreed contacts on your contact list?

  Praxis99 17:54 23 Feb 2005

Not entirely sure but I was in the office on two or more occasions when a colleague PC's rung to indicate that someone was calling.

That said it was nothing sinister and such things can be screened out.

Don't let that put you off(for business or personal reasons) from trying this or similar software if you are in a position to make PC to PC calls since it works well and will undoubtedly save you money

  SEASHANTY 20:29 23 Feb 2005

There is a workshop article (with illustrations) in the current edition of Computeractive Magazine .
Issue 183.

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