SKY warranty

  TONYBOZ 19:05 19 May 2008

I have had numerous phone calls and mail from Digital Services regarding warranty on my Sky+. When i finally told them on the phone i didnt want to renew they said OK, there was no pressure which i was surprised about. However within 2 or 3 minutes i noticed the "on line" light was on on the front of my box. This wasnt anything i had done and so could only have been from outside party!!!! Call me cynical but i wait with baited breath for a fault to develop.
Is this possible for them to interfere and has anybody else experiende this?

  Kaacee 19:38 19 May 2008

Do not touch them with a bargepole, they were featured recently on watchdog and are nothing to do with Sky.

Not sure about outside interference.

  Danny D 22:12 19 May 2008

Don't pay anyone for any warranties on Sky kit.

If your system goes wrong simply call Sky themselves and they will send an engineer. The call out will cost you something like £60 but for that they will fix or replace whatever is wrong. Even if it means changing the dish or the set top box. They also warranty the repair (I think for about 3 months).

This is a lot cheaper that paying out £££s every month to People like Digital Services.


  HondaMan 07:54 20 May 2008

with Sky Repair Plan at £7.00 per month. Since I have had it, I have had 3 new decoders and 2 LMBs, that's the bit in the middle of the dish. No charge to pay other than the £7 per month, engineer calls by appointment. Very efficient service administered by Domestic and General (click here).

  J B 20:12 20 May 2008

Do what Danny D says, Digital Services is a SCAM. They take your money and laugh all the way to the bank. Avoid them like the Plague. J.B.

  Danny D 21:47 20 May 2008


Over what time period have all these things gone wrong? It sounds like you have had an incredibly high rate of failure. You might consider making a hugh fuss with Sky as many would find this unacceptable and would withdraw from their contract. Sky would be unlikely to allow you to become "churn" (leave) that easily.

I have had Sky for 5-6 years and had one LMB and one decoder replaced. At that rate I reckon that I am still quids in by a long way.


  William Downey 19:57 22 May 2008

Only ever use SKY for warranties. Their service is superb, however Digital Services is not.

Be warned, they also refer to themselves as SatSupport - DO NOT GIVE IN TO THEM!!!


  skullzman 00:05 27 May 2008

I've been reading through the threads here about the various companies offering warrenties on satellite systems.
Over the past fifteen months I’ve been receiving demanding letters from a company called Satellite Assured Ltd claiming that I owe them money on a warranty that I don’t have - I’ve had four so far. Every time it has taken numerous attempts to get someone on the phone.
The first time they stated that I had missed my September installment which was good considering It was July when I phoned them! After the second letter I managed to get through again and it turned out they had all my details name and address etc., but they were trying to get money from someone elses account on my behalf?
They don’t seem interested in the fact that I've never had an agreement with them, so last Thursday I passed all the information to Consumer Direct and Trading Standards.

I had a reply within 12 hours, which surprised me as you often here some horror stories about TS and other such bodies. But it seems they are taking this seriously.
I would therefore urge anyone else who is having problems with this particular firm, or even any others of a similar ilk, to also contact TS through their website like I did - I assume that the more people who complain the better the case against them.

If any of you here are following the discussions on other lists about these issues and companies please note that I will be cross posting.

  HondaMan 10:59 27 May 2008

I have had sky for about 7 years. Bearing in mind that the "box" is on 24/7, I don't find that rate of failure unacceptable. Only the first decoder went wrong, the second was DOA, hence the thrd. 2 LMBs in 60,000 plus hours doesn't seem too bad.

  Danny D 22:52 28 May 2008


I think you have just proved my point about not paying for these warranties. Your first box was provided on instalation. When that expired you would have been charged about £60 to replace it. As your 2nd box was DOA it would have been replaced without charge by your 3rd box.

So lets add up the costs.........

1 x Box and 2 x LMB @ £60 a go, that adds up to £180.

Warranty @ £7 per month = £84 per annum. Over seven years that represents a total £588 at current rates.


  HondaMan 10:33 29 May 2008

pennies, you are right. Fortunately, I don't have to and I prefer peace of mind.

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