Sky TV getting desperate?

  dagnammit 23:50 19 Mar 2009

I've noticed their HD dropped to £49 from £199 and then I received a call earlier tonight...

We've had a lot of customers leave us blah blah blah and we've come up with a great deal for you.

"Any package you want permanently at half price with no contract."

My answer was pity you didn't offer such an incentive when I moved over to Virgin. Thanks but no thanks.

To current Sky customers.... I'd be phoning for the same deal if I was you!

  Kemistri 00:23 20 Mar 2009

How can it possibly be offered at half the original price in perpetuity if there is no contract?

  dagnammit 01:26 20 Mar 2009

That's what he offered/said on the phone. His name was Richard by the way! (if it helps)

I suppose, thinking about it, it will be a monthly contract (you agree to it thirty days at a time, til you opt out) as apposed to 1 year contract.

  JITC1 14:05 20 Mar 2009

I would be very careful of these calls. I have had many in the past claiming to be from sky but they are not when I question them further. The people are calling from India and give a english name so they can seem genuine (apart fom the accent). IMO, Sky will always tie you into a contract for at least a year and will never give you half price permantly as they would be losing a lot of money

  MAJ 20:46 20 Mar 2009

"Sky will always tie you into a contract for at least a year"

Not true, I sometimes upgrade my package for a month if there's a particular sporting event I want to watch that isn't being shown on 'terrestrial' TV, last year's Augusta Masters for example.

  Stuartli 23:48 20 Mar 2009

The credit crunch can have some paybacks..:-)

  dagnammit 00:45 21 Mar 2009

Definately a British accent...

Thanks for the concern but I'm more than happy with Virgin and wouldn't go back to Sky after the hassle we had when I did want their HD service.

  Confab 10:36 22 Mar 2009

I recently cancelled my SKY subscription, it finishes at the end of this month. I’ve received about 4 or 5 calls from SKY offering me various deals. The best one was the full standard package (not HD or Sky plus) for £3 for 4 months!

I suspect they’ll call me again before the month is out.

  Zeppelyn 19:37 22 Mar 2009

Persistent calls from Sky after cancelling is the main reason I registered with the Telephone Preference Service, that stopped em.

  Bailey08787 22:34 31 Mar 2009

oh, Richard, i know Richard at Sky

infamous Richard

  dagnammit 22:59 31 Mar 2009

You do?

Tell Richard that I don't want him to call me or my wife anymore.

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