Sky so shocking

  naineysman 22:27 05 Nov 2009

I've had many teething and annoying issues with my Sky+ HD box over the years to the extent its not the most reliable gadget I have. Sky want £300 for a new one or £65 call out plus repair costs to look at this one. Plus there telephone support sucks big time (as we know).

Imagine my surprise tonight when I cancelled the account, after 20 minutes persuading I could have had a free brand new box, fitted free with 3 months free package. The chap was very pleasant and all credit to him, but it was too little too late.

Thanks but No thanks Sky, bye.
(In fairness to those who have had great service from Sky, long may it continue)

  Input Overload 22:48 05 Nov 2009

The Pace boxes are far more reliable than the Amstrad ones. In my opinion Amstrad have turned out some of the worst electrical junk ever made. I remember a range of so called 'Hi-Fi' they made years ago called 'The Executive Range' that were cheap & very nasty, with very sharp edges.

Then they made cheap a look a like music system that you could copy tapes with. (Suitable only for those without hearing). I have opinions about 'Mr Sugar' that I will keep to myself apart from his foul language. If I see him on TV he gets around 3 nano seconds of air time, less if possible.

  Awshum 23:01 05 Nov 2009

Similar situation where I wanted to go to SKY HD 2 years back after having normal sky for about a decade. They wanted very high fees from me yet any new guy was getting it all for free, I went to Virgin Media.

I still get offers from them and the latest being free SKY HD box, £50 vouchers for M&S with a £30 install if I take the entire pack at £43.50 per month. Someone posted on another forum that if they get people to sign up they get the M&S vouchers and the signee gets free HD box and free install.

Either one isn't enough for me to leave Virgin Media.

  PP321 07:58 06 Nov 2009

Good on you, Countless people have a trouble free relationship with Sky, i'm not one of them and ive now been with NTL/Virgin for the last 9 years , and received good "incentinve to stay" packages from them even tho i had no intentions of leaving (they didnt know that) ;) Faultless service.

  Input Overload 10:26 10 Nov 2009

I never had any problems with Sky telly, BB, Phone or customer service, or Zen before them, or BT, or numerous other ISP's I have used since the Internet's infancy. That is my experience, I'm with Virgin now & found them to be excellent in all respects.

I have to say the way you speak to the person on the other end of the phone has a massive effect (Really really massive) on how you are treated & certainly how fast they will send someone out!

When the install guys turned up from Virgin they had a cup of tea within 5 mins & they did a cracking job & I told them so which pleased them as they said few people do that.

I also wrote to Virgin & told them how pleased I was with the install. The guys they had about 3 cups of tea & treated me like an old friend. Strangely enough when I had need to ring Virgin up a couple of weeks later a visit was arranged the next day. Use that big thing between your ears (Not your nose)

Sadly lots (90%) have not assimilated this point yet. To be honest in 14 years of making repairing & using PC's I have no complaints with any company I have dealt with. I wonder why that is?

  v1asco 10:53 10 Nov 2009

My sister had an ancient Sky box with a few niggles and after getting a good tv decided that a sky upgrade would be nice.
So, looking for HD, she contacted Sky. They would not entice her one bit. Not one sweetener. It will cost her £209. Cheaper if she takes out an unwanted package or multi-room.
I chatted to the local mall promoter who said he could get it cheaper. Long story short, he couldn't.
Even after saying she was leaving, no deals.
So, naineysman, I wonder if you were lucky or my sister, who is nearly 70, unlucky?
It does pay to look at the deals. My free HD box would cost me £30 to install then a further £200+ for subscription increases. Yes, I know, we have to pay for the service, but sorry sky, freesat hd looks more attractive.

  naineysman 23:06 10 Nov 2009

Agree with Input Overload, how you speak has a bearing on the attitude returned by the company rep. I have learned this big time in my dealings with companies and always recommend the softly approach first.

My (Scots) granny used to say 'Act daft and you will get a hurl' meaning let them do the running.

Sky really bite my bum, as Bugle found out, because they are so inconsistent with their deals, 7 years paying the fee's and they treat you like a leper, whereas I know people signing up to great deals, then not paying the bill, enjoy a free service for about 3 months then move on to another provider. Then they repeat the whole process about a year later and Sky let them (ok there are crafty so and so's who make a career out of scamming).

Forgot to mention the Sky man actually said I had been paying so long that I was entitled to an 'upgrade' i.e. a free HD box? Funny when I speak to them generally about the issues its '£300 for a new box Sir! Bah!

  naineysman 23:19 14 Nov 2009

Sky Gone

Virgin in x 3 rooms


  naineysman 09:13 21 Nov 2009

Just thought I'd close this thread completely by saying my new (1 week old) Virgin V+ HD box has been the biggest piece of junk i've had since the last cart went to the big scrap yard in the sky.

Thankfully Virgin swapped it out today for a new one (as opposed to the recon unit they originally fitted), not the greatest start to a new service eh?

  v1asco 09:21 21 Nov 2009

As I said above sky aren't my favourit, I was with virgin for years before I had to change.

However, some things in Virgin have not improved, see my thread here click here

Hope it all ends up good for you.

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