Sky Multiroom?

  pchelper001 19:37 13 Jan 2008

Has anyone got any anecdotes or opinions on sky multiroom?

  SB23 20:46 13 Jan 2008

I was thinking about it, until my wife suggested freeview, and I really, honestly think thats the way I'll be going.
I've had freeview in our bedroom for over 12 months, but it was the kids that I was going to sort out.
One aerial, a bit of cabling and 2 freeview boxes, and I would think it'll be cheaper than the sky option, because don't you have to purchase the reciever?


  tullie 21:41 13 Jan 2008

I had it but came to conclusion that i had better things to do in sleeping.

  laurie53 22:31 13 Jan 2008

We have it, but my wife's a semi-invalid so there are good reasons. I've certainly got no complaints.

If you and your partner/family have different viewing habits it's a Godsend!

  pchelper001 09:09 14 Jan 2008

thanks guys, you do get a second sky box free dont you?

  tullie 09:48 14 Jan 2008

Yes you do.

  anniesboy 10:11 14 Jan 2008

Dont forget the £10 per month extra subscription

  laurie53 20:42 14 Jan 2008

"Dont forget the £10 per month extra subscription"

I think Sky did away with this.

  anniesboy 21:52 14 Jan 2008

I'm still paying it see here click here

  laurie53 09:04 15 Jan 2008

Sorry, I'm a Sky subscriber. I forgot about non-subscribers. :-)

  pchelper001 15:13 15 Jan 2008

i currently use sky, i am confused???

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