Sky charging for Football match that I never order

  daisy2bell 21:25 28 Sep 2006

I have just upgraded to Sky+ and multiroom. I went to check my bank statement, and discovered they had overcharged me by £7.40.
I phoned them up, and they told me that I had ordered a football match with my remote. I told them that I most certainly had not. He said that their system doesen't lie. I replied that their system does lie, and that I had not and never would order a football match. In the end he said "that just this once" he would refund this amount, but that in future I would have to pay. I told him that if this happened again there would be trouble, and that I would cancel sky even if I was still in the the 12 month contract. They can sue me if they want, but they would not get any money from me.

Is there anything else I can do at this point, write to someone (complaints manager) This is now worrying me.

  rdave13 22:13 28 Sep 2006

Have you set up a password. Many years ago I remember that you could set up a password before you could order films or footie.

  spuds 22:39 28 Sep 2006

"In the end he said 'that just this once' he would refund this amount, but that in future I would have to pay".

Oh, how I love those sought of statements from call centre staff or company employees. That's when my mode of " can you repeat what 'your' final decision is, again please. And can you tell me on what or whose authority you have in making such a statement". The next thing is to ask for your call to be transfered to a more senior person or request the companies head office address and managing directors details. Doing that, tends to throw the 'jobsworth' a little.

Write a letter to the company, and make it very politely clear, that you want to resolve this issue in a more amicable way.

  Tim1964 23:07 28 Sep 2006


You can set the box to ask for a PIN before accessing any 'over the phoneline' content or ordering anything like the football or Box Office movies.

It's under Services > Parental Controls...

That way at least you know that you can't order something accidentaly.

It surprised me what Sky CS can 'see' on your box. I had a Box Office movie saved, which was due to be deleted about 3 days later, and when I went to watch it, it had disappeared. The Sky CS could tell that the film had been set to 'Keep' and knew when it was due to be deleted and therefore I was able to reorder the movie and had the cost of both refunded due to inconvenience caused.

  Forum Editor 23:21 28 Sep 2006

that you did order this match, but it's actually quite common for people to order pay-per-view items by accident - usually when playing around with the remote.

As others have sugested, it's best to set up an authorisation prompt, so you can't order anything in error - and nobody can do so on your account.

  Stuartli 00:03 29 Sep 2006

...your box>>


Sky has always had the ability to "see" on/via your box.

Even in the BSkyB days it could Enable/Disable services etc via your box through the satellite link and could even tailor the advertisements you watched according to the profile it built up about you.

  rdave13 00:11 29 Sep 2006

Packed up bskyb years ago. Great service in repeats and that's about all then.
Has it got better?

  Forum Editor 00:14 29 Sep 2006

Yes, much.

  STREETWORK 07:16 29 Sep 2006

All you need to do is give them a call and they will credit your account. I have had this from some movie I was apparently watching...

  daisy2bell 11:26 29 Sep 2006

Thanks guys. I have now set a password and pin.

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