sky broadband,any good ?

  dfghjkl 20:50 10 Feb 2007

hi,i am with ntl 4mb and am thinking of using sky broadband (the mid package) this is only £5 compared to £25 with it any good?it says up to 8mb i dont expect this but will i get 4mb?is it always on like cable or do you have to turn it on like aol etc and does it time out if left idle?any help would be nice,thanks,peter.

  mobileman1953 17:21 11 Feb 2007

you have to go to click here and check your line to see if it supports 8 mb if it does you should get it, my line only supports up to 2 mb so i signed up for the free package and get the full 2 mb, as for your other question mine does not time out if idle and is ready to use as soon as my machine boots up

  laurie53 21:15 11 Feb 2007

There has been some negative feedback on this forum.

Do a search


  steve1ooo 15:54 12 Feb 2007

I am currently with NTL on the 4mb package paying £25 a month.They also charge me £4 because i refused to pay by direct debit.

So after a friend of mine switched to sky broadband with no problems at all i to am taking the plunge and switching.

My old BT line is being restored next week (20/02) I have to wait 5 days then call sky to order their 4 mb package.

I have had other issues with NTL in the past and will be glad to rid of them once and for all.

I will update when sky is installed .

  superhoops 10:18 13 Feb 2007

Got a flyer through the post this morning. No mention of any broadband package apart from connect at £17 or £18 I think. Maybe they are stopping the free/mid/max packages

  mobileman1953 20:14 13 Feb 2007

only certain areas are able to receive the free mid max range you have to be near a llu bt exchange

  Hugo15 22:03 13 Feb 2007

I've been on the base package since the end of December. It was activated when Sky said it would be and haven't had any problems. I read a bit of negative stuff on here before I took the plunge but I could probably find negative stuff about most of the big providers. Have a read on here click here for more info about all things Sky Broadband.

  bruno 21:11 14 Feb 2007

I had troubles when I first went to Sky in August.It took a while to sort out and the problem was that they were trying to push a Max signal down a line which was too far from the exchange to get it.When they " tuned" my signal to reduce the noise it started to work perfectly and it has never missed a beat since then.It is "always on" so you do not get time outs occurring.As beta says,you do get what you pay for,in my case £5 for a reliable service.

  dfghjkl 18:35 15 Feb 2007

thanks all for your comments,i am going through with the change,i cave tried to find out how far my exchange is but i only have my cable number at the moment so cant find the info on line,i live in thatcham near newbury berks,so i guess it is not far away but how far is far is it 1 mile,5 miles or 10 miles?newbury is about 3 miles away so i guess that is my nearest exchange.

  bruno 18:44 15 Feb 2007

If you go on to BT broadband there is a box where you type your postcode or phone number and it tells you what speed you are likely to get.

  fitcher 18:24 17 Feb 2007

I tried today to get on the sky package I am already on sky tv . the speak + broadband looks good ..when I rang them(sky)I told them i was with orange and had been with them for a few years . they said sorry we can not put you on because orange have the ll loop at your exchange .and it is difficult to do . as they make it difficult for us and you ..what can i do .it means being unconnected for a few weeks . and orange is getting up my nose crawling at the moment.

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