Sky Broadband Tag Removal !!!!

  Grinch32 14:31 25 Apr 2007

I cancelled my Sky Broadband after 36 hours due to being unable to connect to the internet. When I did finally get a glimmer of connection I tried to register on the Sky BB home page but I was unable to get access to the page. I sent my cancellation notification on the 27th August 2006 by e-mail as advised and sent a hard copy to Livingstone. I received an acknowledgement of cancellation and returned the equipment; they asked if I would retain of the router/modem just in case I wanted to return to Sky BB. At least they had a sense of humour! In both the cancellation letter and follow up letter of complaint about the service I made a point to ask that the Tag be removed from the BT line. I continued with my existing provider NTL, then just before Xmas when I decided it was time to move on. I applied to BT who informed me that there was still a Sky Tag on the line. I contacted Sky on the 18th December 2006, they apologised and said that the account had not been closed down correctly, I asked for a MAC code but was informed the system was unable to generate a code as the account was closed.
Since before Xmas I have now lost count the amount of e-mails, letters, and phone calls I have made to Sky, but the Tag has still not been removed. Many times Sky has told me they will escalate the removal, yet the situation remains the same. BT wholesale has been helpful but is unable to remove the tag without authorisation.
Last week I contacted Ofcom, a very efficient sounding lady heard my story. She said she would contact Sky personally to get the Tag removed and would contact me in 5 days to check the progress. 10 days later and I had not had a reply. I Called BT wholesale and no instruction to remove Tag had been received. I Called back to Ofcom and re-told my story. I was told that they would reactivate the incident and get someone to contact Sky a second time, after that there was nothing they could do. From what I have been advised by Ofcom, it appears that they have no real authority over Sky. All they can do is request the removal of the Tag, much as I did. They can only monitor the whole Sky complaints position and when it reaches a certain point they ‘tell them they have been naughty’ and ‘slap their wrist’. I was advised to keep calling Sky to get it removed, but I have been doing that at least twice a week since before Xmas without any success, that was the reason I contacted Ofcom, the industry regulator. The Ofcom advisor also recommended court action if all else fails or get BT to disconnect my line and then reconnect to a new line, but of course I would have to bear the costs.
Due to Sky’s ‘inaction’ and refusal to remove the Tag from the BT line I have not been able to connect to a broadband supplier of my choice. Although I am fortunate to have a cable connection, I am not happy with the service my current provider and want to change, which is my right of choice. I am being denied this right to do so by Sky Broadband not removing the Tag on my BT line.

  josie mayhem 19:59 25 Apr 2007

Give BT a call see if under the circumstances that they might cut and reconnect without charge... never know your luck..

But I think personaly I rather pay BT to cut and reconnect than going to all the hassel and time involved to get a court order to make sky to complye and remove the tag...

Pay BT and you are talking something from days to prehaps a week or just over to get a new broadband service, go to court it could be ages before it's sorted and then if they decide to drag there feet over the judgement you could still end up going the BT way!

In principle yes what sky is doing ia wrong and out of order... but sometimes in life you just got to go the other way!

  Alex2x 01:16 06 May 2007

Grinch32 I am having the same problem with sky they wont remove there tags on my line. I have been on a dial up connection for about 2 months now, spent a fortune on phone calls to sky about this matter, keep getting nowhere with them. This matter of them not removing there tags is shocking, I get stressed out and annoyed to say the least with there lack off action, dont know what else to do, been told latley once again there going to remove it, supposed to be on the 16/05/07 my line will be tag free, I wont hold my breath, how can these people get away with this.

Is there somthing that can be done about this.

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