Sky broadband problems

  sputnick 13:34 16 Sep 2006

I have been waiting for my Sky package for about 3 weeks, it is almost impossible to contact them.
I received my router and software on Wednesday and installed easily but no connection.
My letter from Sky states my activation would have been 31st August 2006 so didn`t expect any probs.WRONG
I tried all day Wednesday and Thursday using all possible routes and Sky phone nos.all 0870 numbers.
Eventually I spoke to someone who told me they still hadn`t got an activation date ( 2 weeks after it shouls have been)
It is now Saturday and I still haven`t heard from them and I have been trying all day to contact them.
Their contact page will not allow you to send anything to them saying there is an error and can`t be submitted.
I have written a stinking letter to head office but whether that has any impact I have my doubts.
I can accept that it is a new setup and they might be having problems, but when you do speak to anyone they use the excuse that it is a BT problem but i`ve never had any probs with my Orange broadband.
I feel totally let down by not being able to contact Sky by any means.

  sputnick 15:26 19 Sep 2006

Its now over a week since I`ve tried to contact Sky about my Broadband connection.My initial application was 21st August and Sky were so quick to act I thought this could be a good move.
I managed to speak to technical support once but were still unable to tell me when I might get my activation.
First date was 31st August then 13th September.
If you use their 0870 numbers you are just left on hold listening to music. If you are lucky you get a message telling you how long you are expected to wait in the queue, often up to 50 minutes.Even if you speak to someone they either give you another number to call and wait in yet another (or the same)queue. I asked to be put straight through but that line left me on hold for another 40 minutes.I still haven`t spoken to anyone in the activation dept.
I still have not had a reply from my letter, in fact I can`t talk to anyone who can help.I can`t even x
cancel if I want.

  BlackButterfly73 21:46 19 Sep 2006

I have read revies about other users in a similar situation. I was considering leaving my ISP just to get a cheaper service, but I will hold off. Sky gave me a 3 week time scale to sign up, but I won't be pressured into it!

  bruno 19:02 21 Sep 2006

There is a post above where some of us have similar problems.I am actually connected and it is working reasonably well most of the time.I do have a problem making the first connection of the day,but once made it is more or less bearable.My mate,though,is in exactly the same boat as you.He had the engineer to make the connectionand he could not make it work.In both our cases Sky blamed BT.He rang BT this afternoon and they carried out various tests and assured him his connection was perfect.I have a cauliflower ear from hanging on to phones since a week pasat Saturday.I even told Sky marketing director to read this forum and see the adverse publicity he is getting.

  sputnick 08:37 22 Sep 2006

Thank Bruno for your reply.
I`m pleased that you were able to point the marketing director to this forum. I managed to speak to the activation dept yesterday after a wait on the phone for over half an hour. they have given me another provisional activation date of 28th Sept. but that is not guaranteed.
They still blame BT but a conversation with BT states it is still a Sky problem.
I think we need to get more coverage to highlight this problem as Sky are still going through a high profile advertising campain to promote their broadband service (lack of).

  sputnick 09:13 28 Sep 2006

I am pleased to say that I have now had my Sky broadband activated.
Unfortunately no one told me I just happened to try login on and it worked. I then founs a welcome message in my inbox.A bit pointless sending it to an address that I didn`t know was active. They had my previous email that would have been the obvious way to inform me.
Having said that my previous ISP had not be informed so I was still active with Orange as well.
I think Sky need to get their act together to compete in the internet market.
I find that the Sky homepage is a pain as you have to log in each time and their e-mail page is slow and if you delete mail from your inbox it goes into the deleted box, fine, but when you try to delete the deleted box it goes back into the inbox although I still pick up mail from Outlook Express.More work needed I think.
But it is cheaper than my previous ISP and if it does the same job I will be more than satisfied.
I also pointed Sky Customer Services to this forum.

  bruno 09:04 03 Oct 2006

Can you actually access Sky Mail through Outlook Express.I have been trying to sort this,but one of the Sky operators told me it was not possible.I use O/E for my other mail as it is easy to do them all at once.Let me know if you can do it.

  Lgibbs 20:29 14 Oct 2006

Where did anyone get their password from?
My neighbour and myself have only received letters with user names.

Terrific except when you log into skybroadband you cant rerieve your password, and worse tells us that our usernames dont exist!

My internet works, my neighbours keeps dropping out.

Neither of us can access our email via oe. Cant even try and add sky email address as dont have password!

I spent 15+ hours on the phone to them just to get this far!

Suggestions any one?

  Kerrydom 09:20 18 Oct 2006

I finally got round to changing my ISP provider for a cheaper one - Sky. Having been happily on broadband for 18 months, suddenly I had no connection, no installation package and absolutely no answers from the very unhelpful customer services. 5 days later still no call back and no broadband. Apparently my account is closed to the customer service desk because it has been passed on to the 'priority customer' department, but I can't be transferred to them and there is no contact number - I am supposed to wait for them to contact me. Sky Broadband?? Don't do it.

  dth 12:11 18 Oct 2006

Not much of an advert for Sky!

  diggerbarnes1 22:08 20 Oct 2006

Having being with Wanadoo - Orange for two years i decided to leave them for Sky. They told me mid August that i had to cancel my Orange account completly before they could connect me to Sky Broadband as Orange were not giving out mac codes. I did this on the 16th August, as of the 20th October i'm still without any internet. I've phoned them easily 30 times around 12 hours in talk time. I've never spoke to any company that is so anti - customer, they dont know them selves what the problems are, or how to resolve them it seems they just want to get you off the phone as soon as they can without helping. They give out wrong information all the time and say phone back in a couple of days as the problem should have been resolved. I'm not easily beaten but at 9:30pm i finaly gave up and signed up with BT. Even though i have cancelled Sky i still have to wait yet another 10 days for them to process the cancelation. I found out that the reason why i've had so many problems is because somebody at Sky decided to cancel my application on the 6th of September for some reason, I should have taken the hint and signed up with another provider then.

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