Sky Broadband and outgoing mail (no doubt again)

  Mad Professor 14:38 09 Feb 2008

Having just had my local ISP (Legend PLC) 'cease' my broadband services I had to go forth and find another. I opted for the Sky Max package and have since enjoyed pretty quick download etc. etc. There is one thing, however, that pigged me of from word one and that is although I have my own domain, with it's own email address - there was no way that I could send outgoing mail through Sky broadband via my MS Office Outlook! Receive yes, send no, I had to log into my Webmail to do so - not professional or convenient as I handled everything via my Office programmes. So, I contacted Sky, went through the rigmarole of POP and SMTP adjustments to no avail - no one could help me. Today I camped on their phones for over 2.5 hours to get someone to answer me the question why it didn't work!

Eventually talking to a nice bloke at the end of my tether, he admitted that it isn't possible as Sky considers ALL mail without a 'Sky' address to be spam and therefore blocks it on their outgoing server!! Now, I've heard of captive marketing but this takes the biscuit!

Using Sky's broadband services you can only send mail via a Webmail programme, OR via a 'sky-mail' address! My question is, is this permissable or are they breaking competition rules? The only suggestion that they make is that one signs up for a service to route one's email through......

*Starts looking again for a broadband supplier*

  MAT ALAN 18:05 09 Feb 2008

Using Sky's broadband services you can only send mail via a Webmail programme,

NOT SO.. you can use outlook and outlook express they just need to be configured properly..

  Forum Editor 18:34 09 Feb 2008

you shouldn't be able to send mail via Outlook or Outlook Express using any email address, provided you configure the smtp server settings correctly.

1. Set the outgoing mail server (smtp) to:

2. Select More Settings then the Outgoing Server tab.

3. Tick the box next to 'My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication'.

4. Select 'Logon on using' and enter your Sky email address and password.

5. Tick 'remember password' and 'Require Secure Password Authentication'.

6. Select the Advanced tab and change the Outgoing Server port to 465 and in the 'Use the following type of encrypted connection' drop-down menu, select SSL

7. Click OK.

8. Click Test Account Settings.

  Mad Professor 18:47 09 Feb 2008

Thanks guys, but I've already tried all those and Sky's tech guy said that it wouldn't work as they deal with them all as SPAM and block the process.

  Forum Editor 19:12 09 Feb 2008

and block the process."

In which case they'll lose a great deal of business.

  MAT ALAN 19:17 09 Feb 2008

you need to be a little more persistent and possibly try and get to talk to someone that is a little more knowledgeable.

click here

when you have evidence like the settings shown in the link Sky have no right to tell you otherwise, i think the real issue is unblocking the ports that are used after that, should be OK...

  Mad Professor 19:56 09 Feb 2008

Well the last thing they did was recommend I go to another company to host my email on another server - perhaps at the cost of about £20 and credited my account with £20!

  PalaeoBill 20:20 09 Feb 2008

As a stop gap, have you considered using Thunderbird. It has an extension for webmail that allows you to both send & receive from a webmail account (without the hassle of actually logging in).

  interzone55 20:40 09 Feb 2008

Sky have outsourced their email services to Google, you'll need to change the server settings

Settings for outlook are here click here

  martytoon 10:23 10 Feb 2008

"Well the last thing they did was recommend I go to another company to host my email on another server - perhaps at the cost of about £20 and credited my account with £20!"

That's exactly what I do. When I joined sky, just over a year ago, I'd read about various email problems, so just bit the bullet and subscribed to a separate mail provider. It costs less than a £1/month and even factoring this extra cost in, the overall cost of b/band & email is still significantly less than I was paying before.

I appreciate we shouldn't be forced down this route but it is a possible solution for you - particularly when Sky appear to be offerring to pay!

  Forum Editor 10:38 10 Feb 2008

and you say they haven't worked. The fact is, if you're receiving inbound mail you'll be using a different username & password for the POP server, because you're not logging into the SKY (or Google) POP server, at least not for this mail account.

You'll therefore have two different logins - one for your inbound mail, and another one (the SKY one) for the outbound (smtp) server.

I assume that's how you have already configured things in Outlook - presumably you're not trying to send outbound mail via a different smtp server?

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