Sky Broadband

  Dorset1234 20:35 31 Oct 2007

Does anyone have Sky Broadband and if you do is it any good ?
I am thinking of changing to it but dont know anyone who uses it.

  superhoops 20:53 31 Oct 2007

I have had Sky BB for over a year now. I pay £5 per month for up to 8mb. I generally get 5.5mb actual speed but like all providers it varies.

Had teething probs at the start but was sorted and had no problems for a long time.(Except when my firefox tabs were saying "problem cannot load site" but this turned out to be ZoneAlarm mucking about. Deleted ZA and now all ok).

For the cost I would recommend it.

  Tim1964 23:34 31 Oct 2007

I used to be with Madasafish with 1Mb for £18/month.

Been with Sky about 10 months with no problems at all on their MID service for £5/month with speeds around 4Mb (about 3 miles from exchange)

4x faster, 1/3 price.

Happy Bunny

  numskull 09:58 01 Nov 2007

I recently changed ISP from Pipex to Sky (just wanted to save money). The changeover can be a bit confusing because Sky do not send out the router until after you are connected! I was still using Pipex after I was supposed to have been connected to Sky then when my router arrived I was on Sky as soon as I had plugged it in!
I find e-mailing Technical Help usually gets a prompt response and I seem to get acceptable speeds. So for £5 per month I am not complaining so far.

  josie mayhem 10:59 01 Nov 2007

I changed to sky broadband back in August and no problems at all.... well not with he BB conncection any way but the telly part well..

I'm on the see, hear and speak package upto 8mb, BB wise no problems... Qucik activation, router arrived before I was activated (swapped) speeds same if not better than what I was getting with my BT BB..

I think that my problems were based on being a completely new customer (I've really got no interest in the telly part of it) How they advertise and suggestion of actual cost to set it all up from completely from scratch is a little miss leading....

I checked not only the paper adverts, but there web site as well! All suggestion that the total cost to get up and running would be £30 only... Hmm

Phoned and booked through sky, who then give your details to a local company for installation... who you pay £25 to install your dish, I had to run my connection of my neighbours dish (local regulations, governing our buildings) so they wanted to charge me another £85 to change the NB thingy to a four port! Complained and said I would back out charge droped...

Then I made the arrangements for the broad band part (different department) who charged me another £30! Miffed but excepted there explination why I was being charged...

The dish was installed on the 13th August so I was surprised to recieve a letter to say that they were going to take out my first payment on the 29th August?

I made a phone call protested (with there web page on my computer in front of me, advertising the cost of £30) told them that I wouldn't have the money in that particvular account for the DD payment and if that was the true cost to come and take out the whole thing etc...

Arrangements where made that I cancelled my DD and reinstall it on the 4-5th of September... The would credit my account with £30 and this would cover this payment and every thing would be hunky dory..

No, September comes I get a letter telling me that my DD had defaulted and I owed £35 and pay or get cut off? Then 2 days later I had another similar letter sayig that I now owed £58 ehh...

Did I protest when I phoned them... Did the trick everything sorted my account credited with what it should have been and so problems since...

No looking back now, not only have I got a better BB connection than before... But by increasing my out goings by £2 a month on my BB, I get sky t.v included as well not bad in my opinion....

  pchelper001 18:11 01 Nov 2007

We tried to get sky broadband back when it first came out. We liked the idea of having the fast broadband for a cheap price. We got the mac code from AOL, and sent it to sky. On the day of 'activation' from sky, nothing worked, and sky didnt have a clue. When trying to 'fix' it, sky managed to damage our phone line so that we went without broadband for nearly two months. They may have got better and it may have just been starting problems, but it may not work for you either. Good Luck if you go ahead!

  tullie 18:35 01 Nov 2007

Sky is pretty good,i get faster connections than when i was with BT.
How could they damage your phone line,they dont physically go to exchange,just curious thats all?

  mikeben121 21:42 01 Nov 2007

When I was helping my sister set up hers I found that it said you can only use their router. Apparently there is something special about their routers. Anyone know what it is?

Thats the only thing that puts me off them.

Well that and their heavy handed attitude, their 0870 sales numbers, their our way or no way etc

  raeman 12:13 02 Nov 2007

Just got sky broadband last week and it took a week to get it working thanks to being unable to obtain an ip address (stale session apparently). The technical support is a bit patchy,the first guy spent an hour trying to fix it then sent a 2nd router which wasn't the problem,when i called again the the next guy had it fixed in 30 seconds and was very helpful. Been up and running for 3 days so far good speeds and solid connection.The router contains the username and password which is hidden and that is why you have to use the sky router but it is well documented on various forums how to extract it and use a different router but it does breach the t&c's so make your own decision on that one.

  Dorset1234 19:00 11 Nov 2007

Thanks to everyone for replying

  dms05 08:53 13 Nov 2007

I was returning to the UK and didn't have a phone line, broadband or satellite TV. A quick calculation showed that Sky was easily the cheapest package (I took the extra 365/24/7 offer on all standard UK calls and standard calls to most major overseas destinations - all for £5/month).

I now have Sky TV, a Sky+ box, free phone and free braodband. Monthly costs are £17 + £5 for the call package. Start up cost was £129 including the Sky+ box and the Sky Router.

Sky broadband operates smoothly and I just plugged in and worked. I seem to get 1.7Mb/sec on a rated 2Mb line.

Looking at monthly costs I either get TV and Phone free and pay the same as BT for broadband. Or I get phone and broadband free and pay for TV. Depends upon how you wish to calculate it. But it's only a fraction of the same services through BT.

Now BT is a different matter. To get a line to connect to anyone else was a major problem and eventually I contacted the Office of the Chairman of BT. I'd never use BT for anything after that experience.

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