SKY Broadband

  The Brigadier 13:26 05 Apr 2007

I'm switching to SKY Broadband to save money.
But are Sky that good, is the service OK.
What are peoples views on them good or bad?

  rodriguez 15:01 05 Apr 2007

I have Sky Broadband and at first it was terrible, but now seems to work more often than it doesn't. It still isn't perfect but at least it's usable.

Ordering it was a bit of a pain, firstly they got the MAC code wrong that we gave them from BT and we had to get a new one from BT so that they could try again and this time it worked. Then they activated the line to Sky from BT on time - however the Sky router was nowhere in sight. Couldn't use the old BT one to connect either because they hardcode the username and password for the connection into the router so I didn't have a username and password to put into my BT router to connect for the time being so was stuck on dial up for about a week until they sent a second router that eventually turned up.

However all now seems to be working OK, you just get the odd disconection and sometimes it loses it's DNS servers which can be annoying, but this isn't a frequent as it used to be.

  ladybabe2 17:10 05 Apr 2007

when I changed over to sky broadband I was without internet for 7weeks, Sky do not accept migration codes from other providers except bt, I had to have a clear line (no llu) before sky would accept my order, this took 5 weeks to clear then a further 2 weeks for sky to set up broadband do I think its worth the £10 a month I'm saving? NO!!! the hassle wasn't worth it....

  mobileman1953 18:42 05 Apr 2007

changed to sky from virgin media cable so did not need a mac code, free router was delivered 2 days after order, line was activated on the day it was promised, this was about 3 months ago easy to install never let me down and all for free , so cant moan

  Mavisk 17:32 06 Apr 2007

Migrated from Plusnet to Sky Max.
Router arrived within three days,Broadband was activated within ten days on
the date they said it would.
Gone from a 1mb connection at £21.99 to 7mb for £10 a month.
So far well pleased.

  Stuartli 17:56 06 Apr 2007

Sky Broadband is done through EasyNet, which it acquired late in 2005. ee:

click here

  jack 09:18 07 Apr 2007

SKy I guess like anything new will have teething problems- especially with a huge take up just like TalkTalk- a huge demand will cause a little frustration here and there --both ways.
The consoling factor here is in going into this market SKY bought out one of the biggest operators around -Easynet - not a name well known in the consumer market[ukonline] but big player in government and corporate comms.

  ivesy 21:33 07 Apr 2007

I asked the same question somewhere else about 2 months ago and was told AVOID.

I thought as I was paying only £5 per month I couldn't go wrong no matter how bad things got. How wrong I was!

I'm far from rich but I would gladly pay 3 or 4 times this for a service that is reliable, goes at the speeds quoted, tech staff who don't just read from a list of possible answers when I ring and a clear method of billing.

I signed up for Sky Mid which is £5 per month.

My bill says Sky Connect £17.99 -£12.99 =£5

After many phone calls and emails I have eventually got them to admit I did sign up for the £5 package and it wil be for the full 12 months!.

When I first signed up Sky sent a txt message to my home phone with Tom Baker no less proclaiming I was now able to use Sky Broadband. Thing was I didn't have my Router from Sky!

When I rang them I said I couldn't get onto the internet to which I was told "that's because you haven't got your router" the person thought I'd been trying to get online without a modem or router!

My Router says I should get speeds upto 3.5Meg I get around 2MEG but this can go as slow as dial up at times! as Speedtest sites have shown me.

I wouldn't reccomend Sky to anyone. 9 months to go and counting....

Nice router mind!

  plavix 01:41 10 Apr 2007

I'm going to a friends to setup they're sky broadband,it is a new pc running Windows Vista,anyone know of any problems setting this up on Vista..

  rodriguez 10:53 10 Apr 2007

My advice is don't bother using the Sky Broadband CD - mine works fine without. Just plug the Sky router into their network socket on the PC with the network cable and it should just pick it up as a new network and put you on the Internet. All the CD does is change your home page to the Sky Broadband page and install some anti virus software (which the new PC should already have anyway).

  Dipso 22:04 10 Apr 2007

The router works independently of the OS, no drivers, so you shouldn't have any problems.

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