Sky Broadband

  Woolwell 13:35 27 Jul 2006

A friend is currently on dial-up only. They have Sky television and are tempted by the free broadband offer. They are also aware that you rarely get something for nothing.

What are the catches if any?
Any thoughts on the pros and cons?

  Stuartli 14:06 27 Jul 2006
  packettracer 14:35 27 Jul 2006

Will it have the same problems as Talk Talk?
And will they get their kit into all BT Exchanges OK?
Only time will tell.....

  anchor 16:16 27 Jul 2006

Sky announcement:

click here

No harm in registering his/her interest if they have not received a letter from Sky.

Not all exchanges are yet enabled for the Sky network yet.

  Kerrydom 09:17 18 Oct 2006

I finally got round to changing my ISP provider for a cheaper one - Sky. Having been happily on broadband for 18 months, suddenly I had no connection, no installation package and absolutely no answers from the very unhelpful customer services. 5 days later still no call back and no broadband. Apparently my account is closed to the customer service desk because it has been passed on to the 'priority customer' department, but I can't be transferred to them and there is no contact number - I am supposed to wait for them to contact me. Sky Broadband?? Don't do it.

  Woolwell 11:51 18 Oct 2006


  Tim1964 17:58 18 Oct 2006

If your friends are on dial-up why don't they start the ball rolling with Sky because IF they have delays in getting connected (assuming they have checked that their exchange is LLU'd first) then they can continue to use the dial-up connection anyway.

Basically they have nothing to lose, except the £40 connection charge for the 'free' 2Mb service.

Have them look on here click here to see those that have signed up with no probs at all.

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