skipping problem

  Matt Husala 13:33 18 Nov 2007

No not the rope type, I'm too old for that.

I have had to return my last two Pure DMX50 radio/cd players because of a skipping problem on the cd player. I picked my 3rd radio/cd player up today 17.11.07 and found they had upgraded it to a DMX60

Unfortunately I've just plugged it in and guess what! It's started to skip whilst playing a brand new cd I've used a lens cleaner in the cd tray, but it still insists on skipping at different points on the cd when re-played?

I'm wondering if perhaps the location I have it in the room may be a problem! It's next to my fridge freezer and my pc tower!!!

Has anyone else experienced this problem on the Pure DMX50/ DMX60 model ?

  amonra 13:36 18 Nov 2007

Sounds a bit like you've got a faulty mains supply. Bad contacts in the socket, or loose wires in the back of the socket ? Otherwise, move the player to another part of the house to prove a point.

  spuds 16:34 18 Nov 2007

When you say that you have used a lens cleaner, did you use an 'approved' type. And did you 'clean' all cd players, including times before the problem started.

  Matt Husala 19:45 18 Nov 2007

Hi amonra, I will be doing this but just thought had anyone else had simmilar problems.

Hi spuds, there is no approved lens cleaner stipulated. I used a new "IXOS iFIBRE DVD/CD Lens Cleaner"

The first player I had was working fine for 5 months in the same position I have my new (3rd) player located in. I cleaned the lens only when the problem of skipping occured. The same applies to the second player I received off PURE. Does this help?

  maddad41 18:30 11 Dec 2007

I also have a DMX50. It was purchased from Amazon in April. It's worked fine until now but it has just start developed a nasty skipping fault too on all audio CD's. I contacted PURE and they suggested I go through Amazon and they have shipped a replacement today. It's a bit worrying to hear that you're onto your 3rd. If I get to my 3rd I'll be asking for a refund! With a 2 year warranty, it's quite possible I will be at this rate.

If I get a problem with the replacement, I'll let you know. My system is sitting on a shelf above my LCD TV. The shelf gets a bit warm when the telly is on loads but I can't imagine this would affect the CD on the DMX50. As PURE are primarily a DAB radio supplier, my suspicion is that they aren't quite so hot at CD player design and this may have led them to cut corners and costs leading to this problem.

Anyone else out there with a skipping DMX50 (or DMX60 for that matter)?

  Cymro. 12:54 12 Dec 2007

There have been several C.D. players of various sorts in our house over the years. Most of them ended their lives when they started to skip when playing a C.D.

Most of them where cheep bottom end of the market machines and so were just thrown away when they became a problem. They cost less to replace than to repair.

Skipping seems to be a common problem with C.D. players and I would also be very interested to know if their is an answer to the problem.

  Matt Husala 22:02 16 Dec 2007

Update to the above post.

1.Tried it in different rooms to no effect.
2.Tried it at another address altogether still skipping.
3. Returning unit for a 3rd time.

One more person off another forum has had the same probs,so that makes 3 of us so far maddad41!

I will try this 4th unit and let you know how It go on. If it skips again I will be looking to get my money back.

  maddad41 11:05 05 Jan 2008

Amazon were great at replacing the unit and the new one is fine at present. Good job there's the 2 year warrantee as I may need to use it again!

In answer to Cymro, before I bought the Pure hifi, I had a Pioneer one. I had this for around 15 years and it never skipped so I think it's a lot to do with the manufacturer rather than being a CD player. I have also had some really cheap portable CD players that stopped working in less than 2 years but you do expect to get more from something costing over £200.

You would have thought I had learnt my lesson about Pure but I have purchased their DAB iDock bedside radio and this is also not ideal. If you have the backlight on the display set to any other setting other than full on or full off, there's a buzz over the radio. Already tried another unit but it's just the same and there's several other people on other web sites complaining too. Thankfully, full on is OK for me so I'm happy to leave it as is, but Pure had better sort themselves out as I'm not sure I'll give them a 3rd chance!

  Matt Husala 14:51 08 Jan 2008

The 4th unit arrived on the 7th January direct from Pure who are sometimes brilliant to deal with and at others an absolute pain!

I have given it a good old work out by throwing every type of CD disk at it that I have in my possession!! Everything OK at the moment it's behaving itself impeccably...lets see in a month or two.

Thanks for your reply maddad41 it's nice to know that I'm not the only one to suffer the dreaded Friday afternoon made skipping cd player syndrome :)

I will let you know how it behaves long term...I can hear you all groan :) I WILL BE BACK!

  veralynn 13:08 10 Feb 2008

Hi Matt

I too am having the same problem. We were given the DMX60 as a wedding present just over a year ago. All seemed fine for a while until about 2 months ago when the CD started to skip. We have contacted Pure who gave us instructions to cure the problem via a system reset. However this only addresses problems with the radio so we're no better off. It seems from the trail that this is an endemic problem with the product and that we'd probably be better off ditching it and replacing it with another mode. Has anyone had any luck getting it repaired and if so can anyone recommend a repair centre in Kent?

  Matt Husala 23:24 15 Feb 2008

Hi veralynn,

This seems like the standard response they send out.

Don't forget that you have a standard 2 year warranty on the DMX60 so email [email protected] again and tell them this has not resolved your problem.

They sent me the following email after a few more emails where exchanged between us:

I'm sorry to say but it sounds as though your PURE Digital product is faulty and will need to be replaced. To ensure the least amount of
time without your product I would suggest you contact your original vendor and return it to them together with a copy of this email, as they may be able to swap the radio for you there and then. If this is not possible then we are more than happy to take a look at the radio for you under the warranty terms.

If you would like us to take a look then please forward a weekday\ daytime address and contact number so we can issue you with a returns authorisation number allowing us to identify the product when it arrives here.

veralynn, The radio is good but the cd player leaves a lot to be desired I'm afraid.

If you could return it to the shop where it was bought this would save you a lot of hassle. I couldn't do this as I bought mine from an online shop that doesn’t have a physical counter to return it to :)

They actually pay the cost to have it returned to them and then back to you, so it doesn't cost you a penny except your time :(

My 4th unit seems to be holding up at the moment but I'm not holding my breath :/ Persist and you will get a new one or two know the rest!

Hope this helps, good luck and happy first anniversary by the way:)

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