matt5705 10:24 03 Jul 2003

i bought a sd card that states its 32 meg but the handheld says its 30 meg My grandpa bought a new pc with 512ddr ram and he only got 480ddr ram he bought it with a 80gb hard drive it came with 75gb!

Hav i got a right to complain if yes how do i?

(the computer is evesham but the cards maker i dont know)

  -pops- 11:03 03 Jul 2003

There are two ways of defining a kilobyte - the first says 1KB = 1000 bytes the other says 1KB = 1024 bytes. As the size gets bigger, so does the discrepancy so that by the time you get to multi-megabytes the difference is large.


  DieSse 23:43 03 Jul 2003

With an 80Gb drive and 1Kb = 1000 you see 80Gb.

With 1Kb = 1024, you see 75Gb.

If you look at the drive properties you will see the capacity using both numbering systems.

Formatting does not eat up any drive capacity that you will notice, on a hard drive, as they are already low-level formatted before they leave the factory.

XP does not, in a standard install, create any hidden partitions.

  DieSse 23:45 03 Jul 2003

With the RAM, it looks as if it's actually got 512Mb RAM, and 32 Mb of this is allocated to the on-board grahics - leaving 480Mb for general system useage.

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