On site warrenty

  On-ion 21:22 10 Jan 2003
  On-ion 21:22 10 Jan 2003

Purchase of warrenty from Evesham
I E mailed 4 days ago, no reply, phoned yesterday, finally an answer, we will phone back,
day gone by, have to phone again, OK a really nice guy on line, he helps all he can,I explained one minute sound next none, told re install sound drivers, (No good)next
I have to do a complete re install of xp for no sound ?????????????? Come on chaps this is going to take me hours !!! If this does not work then it will
have to go back to base as we dont make the laptops here, hang on chaps did I pay for
OSM or no ?

When is on site (OSM) or not ?

Will phone Monday to ask will update you on progress.

  spuds 00:19 11 Jan 2003

Like all good warranties-read the small print.Doing a PCA search would have shown many interesting stories.

  Stalker 15:05 11 Jan 2003

Did you purchase the warrenty at the time as the laptop?


  €dstow 15:28 11 Jan 2003

Is "on site" defined?

Whose site? Yours or theirs?


  On-ion 15:36 11 Jan 2003

Thanks for the answers so far, I purchased the warrenty after having registered as I was sent an e mail in response to ticking the box on registration for further info on warrenty upgrade.

  Stalker 23:50 11 Jan 2003

How much did you pay for the extra warrenty and do you have it in writing?

Do you have another computer from them (not a laptop)? because the sales person might have given you the extra warrenty for that. As no Evesham Technologies (Evesham.com) laptop is support onsite (customers house).

But if you have it in writing and you have definatly paid for on site cover for this laptop then they might have to sort something out for you i doubt you will get an on site visit im affraid, i expect evesham will have to refund you the cost of what you paid for the on site warrenty.

Evesham generally have two types of warrenty
1. On site, more commonly known as OSM which is at the customers house.
2. Return to base, RTB this is what is standard for all laptops.
Most computers from Evesham are supplied as standard with 2 years OSM and 1 year RTB.


And no i dont work for Evesham. Just know them very well.

  Forum Editor 02:38 12 Jan 2003

to do running repairs on Laptops on site - the machines are obviously a good deal different from PCs, and apart from software installation/configuration or the addition of more memory there's not much that a technician would be able to do at your home.

  On-ion 09:24 12 Jan 2003

Thank you guys,
No I dont have another PC from them, the first E mail I had after registration defined an upgrade from 2 years on site to 3 years on site.

The extra cost was 34.08 (Which I thought was good) On the Invoice sent through with the credit card slip, it states "Consumer OSM extension from 2 to 3 Years OSM"

The reason I am abit miffed over this is the laptop has stopped giving out any sound I have checked all the audio devices and re installed the drivers, but Evesham failed to respond to an E mail I waited 5 Days and rang, was told someone would phone NOthing, phoned again and did get a tech guy, they say reinstalling XP Should sort it ? I dont think this is the case.


  Hunte® 18:13 12 Jan 2003

I can't answer for the support issues, but it is possible a reload will sort the problem and as most warranties only cover hardware you would be in for a bill should a reload solve the problem (whether it be on or off-site repaired). The first thing that a technician is likely to try is to reload the system as well.

  On-ion 20:46 12 Jan 2003

Thanks Hunter
and every one I will try a re install and everyone know how it goes,
Thanks to all that have given help, and the forum editor, its good to know that you are not always alone in the big sea !

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