SIMS Games?

  chatton22 15:19 18 Jan 2006

My teenage daughter wants me to buy a new PC to run her SIMS Games? on and she tells me they use a lot of memory.
What Spec Machine do I need to buy to make sure the PC doesn't fall over?
Worried Parent!!!

  PaulB2005 15:28 18 Jan 2006
  chatton22 15:35 18 Jan 2006

As a complete IT dinosaur can you recommend a PC Package that meets that Specification please.

  rmcqua 15:46 18 Jan 2006

Gosh, chatton22, there is so much choice and the vast majority of machines these days will meet the SIMS requirements. Do you envisage using the PC for other, more demanding tasks, and how much were you planning on spending?

  chatton22 15:51 18 Jan 2006

I want to spend about £1000. Would I be better going to an Independant PC Retailer, give him the Spec and let him select the Package?
I read on here a company called pcspecialist are very good.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 16:05 18 Jan 2006

totally ignore the minimum specs if you want anything like an enjoyable experience running Sims2 at reasonable resolutions.
My wife runs the game on an Athlon xp2700 with 1 GB ram and a Nvidia 6600gt graphics card - and that slows down if there's a lot going on. This slow down apparently affects even high end systems.
My advice is to work out what you can afford and post here for some suggestions. Whatever you do don't buy a system with integrated graphics (ie there is no seperate graphics card in the pc) because I'm not aware of any that will run the Sims2 properly - most don't have T&L functions and this puts even more load on the cpu and steals your memory.

  hzhzhz 18:46 18 Jan 2006

"you need to

totally ignore the minimum specs if you want anything like an enjoyable experience running Sims2 at reasonable resolutions". I totally agree.

  Totally-braindead 01:20 19 Jan 2006

Have to put my two pence worth in here as well regarding software, games in particular. The game developers will not lie when they say minimum specification to run the game but the game even when set to the lowest graphics settings it can go can still jerk about something awful and make it all but unplayable. Even when they post the recommended specifications you can still find the computer struggling even if it meets them.

I agree completely with what the others have said. What I would do is have a look through the magazines, PC Advisor included of course, the superbudget PCs which are about the £500-600 mark would be good enough and allow you some cash left over to buy a printer/scanner and some software, if you do wish to spend more then the budget ones are faster and better and worth a look as well. I would insist that the PC has PCI Express for the graphics and has some of the memory slots free for future expansion. Oh and I would get a good quality monitor as this is what you will be staring at all the time.

  rmcqua 07:26 19 Jan 2006

I agree with Arthur Scrimshaw and hzhzhz.
As a suggestion, consider one of these, with another 250 or so spent on a decent TFT monitor and you will have a system that runs the SIMS (and pretty much anything else) beautifully. Should still have some change out of your 1000 too.

click here

  hzhzhz 08:43 19 Jan 2006

In my experience the MINIMUM spec to run sims properly is Athlon 2400,512mb ram and a 9600se 128mb gpu. You need to be well above those specs.

  rmcqua 09:42 19 Jan 2006

Can't agree on the "well above...9600se 128mb GPU".
My kids have run the SIMS suite perfectly well with a graphics card well below that level.

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