Simply electronics, distance selling regs & Paypal

  John B 09:37 16 Aug 2010

I wondered if anyone had purchased anything from Simply electronics and if they had any recommendations, good or bad?

I also wanted to ask about the procedure for cancelling 'net purchases under the distance selling regulations: does this apply to companies based abroad, for example Simply electronics, and how does one go about it? Is an email sufficient?

Finally; it seems paying with Paypal does not offer the same level of consumer protection that one might have if purchasing items over £100 with a credit card; any thoughts or experiences please?



  dms_05 09:52 16 Aug 2010

I doubt if Distance Selling regulations apply to suppliers outside the UK.

I have purchased items using Paypal and when one turned out to be fraudulent Paypal paid the first £100 and the Credit Card company the rest - that's assuming you use a Credit Card when authorising your Paypal payment, the same may not apply when using your Bank Account. So always keep a Credit Card company in the loop somewhere! Paypal and Barclaycard were very prompt and I had a refund within 14 days rather than many weeks or months.

  John B 09:58 16 Aug 2010

I asked about Paypal because apparently section 75 protection does not apply! click here

  Proclaimer 09:59 16 Aug 2010

I sued them in the small claims court and won too. They paid out too so that was good.

I had ordered a Lens for my Camera, listed as in stock. Fourteen days later it was still not delivered so I cancelled the order and bought else where (delivered next day). Meanwhile, three weeks later Simply Electronics sent me a lens and billed be for it.

Some 3 months after I had asked for a refund for the goods they sent out that I had cancelled I got my money back through the courts, I also got the £50.00 inconvenience penalty I added to my claim and £25.00 costs.

I wouldn't use them again however, plenty people on Amazon seem to have had better luck than I did.

  Proclaimer 10:02 16 Aug 2010

On the 'Card Payment Protection' front, if you use the Visa Debit Card you are protected for purchases under £100.00 see click here

  John B 10:04 16 Aug 2010

Thanks for your reply; the reason I posted this is because I ordered a camera last Wednesday with a 2 -5 day delivery time and the order is still being 'processed'.

I'm starting to get cold feet now! How did you cancel and how did they respond?


  John B 10:06 16 Aug 2010

Useful information: thanks.

  Proclaimer 10:34 16 Aug 2010

I cancelled by e-mail. They acknowledged my cancellation by 'auto-respond' which proved they had received my mail, so that was helpful for my claim.

If you can wait for the camera I would think it will arrive and be what you ordered.

The lens that they sent me was as described. It was just 2 weeks too late for me in the first instance and in total it took them 5 weeks to deliver. On a plus side they did not bill me until they sent the lens which is better than some others that take the money up front.

I just would not use them because their deliver time is so poor and the communication before deliver is is misleading. I suspect they order goods from China as and when required thus causing the delay. The 'in stock' claim is in my opinion a lie.

  John B 12:42 16 Aug 2010

I can wait for the camera; I think I'll expect the worst regarding delivery and give them about three weeks maximum.

If it hasn't arrived by then I think I can still cancel(less than 30 days) and it keeps me inside the Paypal 45 limit to start a dispute if necessary.

Having said all that, the camera might turn up this week!

Thanks again for your help.

  ams4127 22:58 16 Aug 2010

I hope you have better luck then me. I ordered a Fujifilm S200EXR in the middle of last March, with guaranteed delivery in 14 days. No sign of it in that time and they then told me it was out of stock.

I cancelled by email and this was duly acknowledged with a promise to refund "shortly". I ordered the camera elsewhere and sat back to wait for my refund.

After hearing nothing for 30 days, I emailed them again and was promised the refund within a couple of working days. Ten days later and after another email I finally got my money.

By the way, the camera is brilliant!

  John B 10:15 17 Aug 2010


I think Proclaimer's view regarding their claim about what's in stock has some substance: actual delivery times versus their claimed time seems to be the main issue.

Clearly their prices are very attractive an extended delivery time might be acceptable to some and that would include me, I just wish they'd say '30 days' (or whatever) instead of 2-5 days.

As I mentioned earlier, I'll give it up to 30 days and then follow your route.

Thanks for your reply.

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