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  BackSlash 10:41 05 May 2004

I am looking to but a Creative Zen Xtra Jukebox, and was searching the net for the best prices. I found this site - click here, and found they were offering the 40GB version for £210! Thats cheaper than most places sell the 30GB version for! Then I noticed that SimplyComputers themselves charge more for the 30GB than the 40GB. Look here - click here

So, the question is, if I was to order the 40GB at £210, would I be legally entitled to the 40GB version, or would they just send a 30GB version and tell me there was a mistake on the website?

Has anyone dealt with this site before?

  TomJerry 11:18 05 May 2004

I first bought from them over 7 years ago. As for price, maybe some mistake, get it before they disappear. You can order it wait and can only be sure you got it or they send email to you about the dispatch. Most web companies has some small print about this sort thing when they send you the confirmation of the order, i.e. the order confirmation is not a order.

Order it and they can only charge you what agreed. They may send you at £210 or reject your order. They cannot charge you more.

Print out the price page in case.

  spuds 11:24 05 May 2004

Print out the details, then send Simply an email, asking for further clarrification, if you are unsure.

Simply have been 'posted' within the forum, perhaps a search will help. Personally, I have dealt with this company and had no problems.

  byfordr 11:33 05 May 2004

Very good company to deal with. Nearly everything I've every ordered has come the next day. On the few times there has been problems, they have dealt with it promptly and without slopey shoulders. Place the order and see what comes of it. If they send you the 30gb one you can always refuse delivery as it wasn't what you ordered.


  byfordr 11:34 05 May 2004

Failing that the 60gb version seems good value at £265...just put the stuff on there uncompressed!


  Newuser2 18:07 05 May 2004

Have delt with simply many times. Never had a problem.
Order always arrives next day even if on a 3 day schedule.
You can always call them I've found their sales people very good.

  mikef. 18:25 05 May 2004

They do lots of special deals and probably the 40GB one is the present big deal, I'd get it while you can before it goes back up to the old price.

  961 18:50 05 May 2004

In answer to your heading......yes

  bruno 23:10 05 May 2004

I ordered a 20Gb hard drive from them 2 weeks ago which was advertised on their site.It turned out that it was no longer available so they sent me a 40Gb drive for only £4 more and they did not charge me delivery as I had "been messed about".Seems like a caring compant to me,I will shop there again.

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