Silly question, but where can I buy cable covers?

  Carrie75 15:33 20 Feb 2004

There is a mess of wires, cables all around my desk and I can't find where to buy them little slip covers to pop them in to keep everything neat and tidy and most of all safe.
I've looked all over the net, does anyone have a clue?

  Diemmess 15:56 20 Feb 2004

Try Office World or Viking Direct or a Staples shop

The sort of thing I remember seeing were lengths of spiral plastic coils, cheapish and easy to apply without being baulked by the connector on either end.

  Stuartli 15:57 20 Feb 2004

My best mate runs an audio/visual/appliances outlet and sells these covers in a tube like form; I think they are slit along one side to allow cables to be inserted.

Otherwise I'm sure you'll find something on similar lines in a plastic form at hardware or DIY stores which can be adapted for the purpose.

However, if you are running mains cables etc through them don't bring a modem extension or similar into close contact for more than a fairly short run.

  Carrie75 16:28 20 Feb 2004

Thanks to both of you, I'll be popping into the DIY store tomorrow then!

  Sir Radfordin 18:09 20 Feb 2004

Washing machine waste water pipe stuff (grey normally!) is something that can be turned into a solution with a craft knife cutting a slit down one lenght. Not too expensive either.

  DPD 18:38 20 Feb 2004

Another source is IKEA. I got a 2m cable cover together with cable ties for £2.50. Its called "Montera".
Only problem is surviving the dreaded ordeal of the Ikea checkout and car park....

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