Sick to death!

  Phrixos 10:21 14 Jan 2008

I'd like to recommend PCAdvisor start a new colum, entitled "Sick to Death!", and which would concern those broader consumer issues which drive customers up the wall.

The first item on the agenda might cover the evils of Spam, and what is STILL very wrong with those methods by which it is fought.

To begin with is the current outright necessity that results in people having to leave their email addresses splattered all over the net. I speak of the routine demand of web retailers everywhere, for people to register first--just to get the complete price for an item (including shipping) later.

As the result, my personal details reside menacingly on computers around the world, each with their own password (all of which I have long since forgotten) and the vast majority of which I would rather not have my details at all.

Imagine walking into a shop, asking for a price that included delivery charges, and being told that I would have to "register first"!

Life's too short!


  tullie 11:10 14 Jan 2008

The choice is yours,if you dont want to enter your email address,dont do it.

  interzone55 11:17 14 Jan 2008

Does your ISP give you unlimited email addresses - many do.

If they do you can easily check whether a company is selling your address by using their name as your email address, such as

[email protected]
[email protected]

Another tip is to carefully check that you have selected the No Spam options on the registration pages.

  Phrixos 11:38 14 Jan 2008

I think you guys are missing the point(s) here.

For one thing, anyone choosing to "don't do it" thus can spend a lifetime on the web, trying to get a price.

After that, is the question of "who is trying to attract who", here. Shouldn't businesses be trying to accommodate prospective customers--or has the earth suddenly flipped on its axis?

It's the customer who pays the price--and the business which takes the profits. Why should the CUSTOMER be the one who has to go to added troubles here?

Today, when I called one company's landline number so as to find out a shipping charge, I was told, in effect, to jump through several (well hidden) loops in their website--including registration--to get the answer. To this I replied, "I have neither the time nor the inclination to do all that, thank you", for which offense I was treated to the "priviledge" of a company hanging up the phone on me.

Occasionally I still find even a high-street shop that acts as if it is the customer's priviledge to walk through their door.

I never do--a second time.


  lofty29 11:46 14 Jan 2008

Hi Phixos, maybe I have just been lucky, but have never had to register just to get a price, and only had to enter postcode to get shipping charges. If I had to register to get price and shipping then I would go elseware. All prices should be up-front with vat added.

  tullie 12:12 14 Jan 2008

Me too,ive never had to give any information to get a price

  grumpygramp 12:40 14 Jan 2008

I would say from my experience that only a small proportion of traders want a registration for a price .there are plenty of others to choose from who don`t .If I don`t like a site I bookmark it in a special folder ( getting old and memory not what it was)

  Phrixos 14:07 14 Jan 2008

I agree, it is not all traders who ask for registration first--and fewer again who hang up on a telephone enquiry, when they think they are not going to get it--but the more you buy online (not just computer parts) the more you encounter this irritating situation, which I think deserves some sort of sanction.
Like I said, Life's too short.

Now that I've said my piece, in the (however slim) hope that the right people may some say tune into it, I'll close this thread--meaning I don't intend to contribute myself any further--but I'll keep watching it once in a while to see if I should add something.

  Patr100 15:38 14 Jan 2008

I'm with Phrixos on this one. It doesn't happen often but having to register for basic information like delivery pricing - some Supermarket onmlione Ordering site may still require that. Evenif yoy just wan to compare high st with webp prices or delivery charges.

  Patr100 15:39 14 Jan 2008

My typing is getting worse....

  GJC53 15:53 14 Jan 2008

I had basically the same problem, but other way round. Was looking for car insurance at the time did'nt have net access. So phoned Tesco for quote refused point blank to give me quote on phone all the bloke kept saying was go yo our web site. Needless to say Tesco didn't get my business. Sometimes I think these firms forget not everybody has net access.

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