shower suite for small bathroom,

  De Nada 20:08 27 Jul 2010

I am looking to purchase above for a small bathroom,it does have a bath installed but there is very little room,i have seen a couple from trueshopping & bellabathrooms,ideally it would have a quad shower enclosure,(900x900mm) a washhand basin with a unit underneath,and a combined cistern & toilet,thanks for any advice.

  birdface 00:16 28 Jul 2010

They all cater for everyones needs from low to high price.
Even try E-Bay.I notice that some on there will even fit them for you for an all in one price.
I think most of those places have sales going on at the moment so maybe grab yourself a bargain.
I would imagine 900x900 maybe about the smallest size that they do and I suppose thats alright if you are nice and slim.
But as you are short of space you have no option.
Like you I am also short of space so just have a wall shower in the bath.
Stayed in a Bed and breakfast about 10 days ago and they had a small shower which was a bit claustrophobic and not pleasant to use.
Anyhow best of luck I hope you find what you need.

  bjh 12:44 28 Jul 2010

Most bathroom sales shops have a bathroom planner. They are quite amenable, in my experience, to have their brains picked. They might make a sale, they might not, but they can come up with some useful space-saving ideas.

I've just had a en-suite put in to a house I rent out, and it was a tiny, tiny space. Corner loo, corner sink, offset shower... and there's space to swing a... well, a kitten, but you'd be able to give it a thorough spin ... ;0)

Corner baths can make considerable space-saving, although they are unlikely to have room in them for a full-length lie-down. They can also act as goodish shower cubicles if a screen is fitted. Personally, I'd stint on the bath size to fit a bigger shower. Loos can be surprisingly compact, and fit close to a wall. Try not to put the sink or bath as close to the loo as the loo is to the wall.... just feels nicer when washing your face not to be over the loo pan(!) Corner loos do exist, and look OK in small spaces in my opinion. Since you'll sit with your back to the corner, it'll not seem cramped. Corner sinks are OK in loos, but if you need to wash your face (as I guess you would in an en-suite), I'd not go that way if it can be avoided.

B&Q/Focus/Homebase do, of course, have sales. Continually. They pretty much live by "half price", but occasionally knock another 20% (and somethimes 30%) off. They'll price match each other as well, so it's worth getting at least two involved. Much of Homebase range is Aqualux or... (it'll come back to me..), which isn't bad quality.
B&Q do a sink/loo in a box (Treviso, I think), which is more compact than most, and comes in at around £160 when sales³ are on.

  interzone55 13:11 28 Jul 2010

Take a look in Ikea

They have some display bathrooms & kitchens for tiny houses, may give you some ideas

  De Nada 16:30 28 Jul 2010

Went to B&Q and they were very helpful,it seems it would be much better to purchase items seperately and get the tape measure out,

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