Should MESH help me?

  wallbash 18:10 02 Mar 2004

Computer less than 2 years old, but have 3 year warrentry. H/D crashed and at own expense (my mistake) replaced .Re-installed own software - all working fine,But now require instalation /drivers for OEM sound card. Thought email to Mesh support would get result! They said Go to and purshase set up disc.
Am thinking this is a bit harsh, if I had returned (as I should have )computer to Mesh and asked them to fix , they would have had to return with working sound card!!!
Wot's the view of this forum , Please

  Edstow 18:49 02 Mar 2004

I'm not commenting o the Mesh aspect, just that you should be able to download drivers and software for all Creative products from click here={A2505E92-EE4E-49C5-A4DC-5066DDB447CD},VARSET=reg:cle

  mikef. 18:52 02 Mar 2004

Personal feeling is by replacing your Hard Drive yourself/or by someone else you have invalidated your warranty. Agreed if you had returned it to them they would have to set it up properly, but you chose not to, so they can not be held responsible.

  Edstow 18:52 02 Mar 2004

That didn't work. Try this: click here

  Forum Editor 19:11 02 Mar 2004

you have invalidated any claim you might have had on your Mesh warranty, and you can't now expect them to resolve the driver problem.

You should be able to get what you need from Edstow's link however.

  961 19:18 02 Mar 2004

Quite frankly at this stage in the proceedings why not just either:-

download drivers for sound from 1) Mesh site, where they usually have all the drivers available for download or 2) from Creative site or 3) from Mesh disk which is usually supplied with the computer


buy a cheapie sound card from Dabs or Novatech ensuring it will have a cd with drivers included and install that, disabling on board sound

There really is no point in arguing the toss about what you did or why you did it because life is more important

I can understand what you did to save the hassle of computer going back and forward over many days and I guess you are now more able to sort out problems yourself if they arise in the future

Put it all in a large file called "experience" and sort it in bottom drawer called " bumph"

  Sir Radfordin 19:19 02 Mar 2004

As a goodwill geasture Mesh may offer to help, though I agree with others that they don't have to do this because of the action you have taken.

If you have any problems getting hold of drivers then post back with details of the soundcard you have - I have a Mesh system of a similar age so expect I've got a drivers disc somewhere.

  wallbash 19:31 02 Mar 2004

Fully agree with all answers, we replaced the drive, so We invalidated the warranty. No problems with that, but surly Mesh should be able to let us have the Drivers, they would use to set up the H/D if they had replaced under warranty. Even just advising where to download the drivers.(Thanks Edstow )
Quick question (wrong forum!)do I need just the Drivers and/or setup disc. The cost from would only be £2+ , so cost is not an issue , just wanted some views!

  Edstow 19:42 02 Mar 2004

You should be able to get all that's required from the Creative downloads site. Read carefully what is needed as there may be some alternatives which aren't necessary or correct.

I'm no computer expert by any means but I've downloaded a complete set of software for an old SB Live 5.1 and installed it with very little problem.

  wallbash 19:55 02 Mar 2004

Such a fast reply to my simple question, slow typer so more answers arrived when composing!To answer 961. mesh driver site is not the best I seen.To Sir Radfordlin (wonderful name) have recovery disc/ motherboard disc, but is there a sep driver disc?

Put it all in a large file called "experience is very good advice (but as a first time poster,and there is nothing on the box, enjoying reading your replies)

Hopefully will move soon to Helproom forum. In ending, have always have the highest regard for Mesh machines in the past.

  Sir Radfordin 22:48 02 Mar 2004

I have memories of buying a new version of a creative disc earler on in my computers life (for about the £2 you suggest) though I think it was a free download as well. Decided at the time it was easier to have the real CD.

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