Should it be so difficult to return a laptop?

  onebdi 16:23 12 Jan 2014

I recently bought an Acer V5-122p from Currys. I wish to return it as it does not perform as well as expected. The machine is ridiculously slow to the point of being unusable as an everyday machine. Curry's will not accept returns once a laptop has been used. I am not sure if this is legal, as I maintain that until I installed windows office, I had no way of knowing how it would perform. (Manipulating images was virtually impossible as it ran so slowly)

Acer will not accept returns and claim, "Acer do not support the Acer V5-122p"

I do not know what to do. I bought this machine to help with my new business after being made redundant and I cannot afford to replace it unless I get a refund. I am bitterly disappointed with Acer and Curry's and wish that I had never had dealings with either of them. I have a brand new £300 laptop sitting on my table whilst I am forced to use my 7 year old Toshiba which has a cracked screen and no working USB ports.

  bumpkin 16:48 12 Jan 2014

Return it to Curry's under warranty and ask them to find out what is wrong with it.

  wee eddie 18:33 12 Jan 2014

How long ago was recently? If it was less than a year, then your Contact is with Currys

Get out your phone and photo it. Both for its condition and its speed of operation.

Then pop down to Currys and calmly explain the problem to them, when you hand it over tell them that you have photos of it

  morddwyd 19:46 12 Jan 2014

This depends on whether the slowness is an actual defect, or simply poor specs.

If the latter then unless Cuurys told you the machine was lightning fast you don;t have much legal ground, though goodwill may work.

  wee eddie 21:04 12 Jan 2014

I have just read a review. Fairly complementary except when it comes to processors capabilities. No good at multitasking but okay for Office tasks. One at a time

  spuds 23:39 12 Jan 2014

I find it rather strange that you say "Acer do not support the Acer V5-122P"

Because on their UK website, it appears to state on their Acer V5-122P page " Need Help - Get Support" click here

  Woolwell 12:47 13 Jan 2014

Acer may well be pointing you in the direction of Curry's first.

Did you read any reviews before buying this machine? It is an ultra-portable that is designed mainly for its portability rather than its speed. Expert Reviews. Did Curry's advise or did you just choose it?

Nevertheless it should cope with office documents without trouble. Wonder if there are pre-loaded programs clogging things up?

  onebdi 17:21 13 Jan 2014

This is Acer's point of view.

"I understand your point with regards to knowing how well the machine will perform until the software has been installed. In usual circumstance Acer will only support the hardware on your machine, this does not extend to software. If you have installed software that has ultimately made your machine run slower than advertised then this is something that you have done and not a fault with the running of the machine.

Having said this we will not and do not support this product, as advised Currys have bought out the warranty rights and therefore we cannot resolve this for you. I understand that Currys have refused to accept the return of the machine however they are the only ones that can provide a resolution for you.

Many Thanks

Acer Escalations"

Pretty poor response, I thought. Curry's state:

"Multi-tasking is taken care of by 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. From streaming music while you work to running multiple instances of software, you can rely on the V5-122P to work smoothly whatever the task."

This is not the case and the more I research, the more I find people complaining that V5-122p is very, very slow.

Curry's are adamant that they will not accept returns on used machines but will "repair" it. It is not broken, it is just not as good as it has been made out to be.

I have removed everything I possibly can from the machine to try and speed it up and I've updated every driver that ever existed on it, and still it is like going back in time. Remember dial up connections and how slow images took to load? Well that's what it's like when trying to use word with images.

I hate curry's, I hate Acer and I hate myself for wasting so much money.

Thanks for the advice and opinions though, greatly appreciated.

  xania 17:26 13 Jan 2014

I would recommend that you restore the laptop to factory settings, and if its still that slow then take it back as faulty. However, once you start to load programs, and especially background ones like virus checkers and malware scanners, you must expect a reduction in performance and need to make allowances for this in the machine you buy.

  alanrwood 19:00 13 Jan 2014

Acer are quite correct. The price they sold the item to Curry's was considerably lower than their normal wholesale price and on that basis the reason for the price reduction was that Currys would take full responsibility for any under warranty repairs etc ie Acer have already paid Currys to do any warranty work required. So please don't blame Acer for an intransigent Currys.

With regard to Currys however you are entitled under sale of goods act to a machine "As advertised", Of merchantable quality" and "suitable for the purpose for which it is sold". Did you take any advice from Currys at the time of purchase. Were you misled by ant point of sale advertising which stated for example that it was suitable to multitask office programs. This is a low spec machine with a 1GHz pAMD processor and an eleven inch touch screen at £300. It is really not a laptop it is what used to be called a Netbook for mobile use and not really intended for serious work.

  wee eddie 20:26 13 Jan 2014

Certainly one would not expect a machine with that Processor to be swift at manipulating images which is very Processor intensive work.

I feel that you have bought a machine that is quite capable of surfing the net, running Word or Excel, and showing Movies. It should do all those things - One at a time, but was never designed to carry out intense work such as Gaming or Image Editing.

If the Currys salesman said it could handle Gaming or Image Editing, you may have a case, but will need to be able to prove that that is what he said and that you are not extrapolating these abilities from what he actually said.

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