Should I get a XP disc with a new computer?

  DRZE 10:14 21 Jul 2003

I have recently bought a computer from the computer world. I recieved it and there was no operating system disc. I called them and was told that a full version was installed on the system and that microsoft were no longer allowing them to give out discs. If I needed one I would have to but a reinstall disc at £99. Is this right? Thanks for any help/comments.

  mikef. 10:22 21 Jul 2003
  -pops- 13:57 21 Jul 2003

This is the company referred to in my post of 8.51 quoted in mikef.'s reply.

Personally, I think it is a very poor way of doing things.

To say that Microsoft no longer allow them to issue disks is less than truthful.

  jockym 14:26 21 Jul 2003

Hi All,
Just received my confirmation from Mesh re my
order for PCA best buy, you will be pleased to know that WINXP Home comes with a recovery CD so at least this firm seem to play fair??

  -pops- 14:59 21 Jul 2003

Better than nothing, I suppose.


  GraemeD 15:32 21 Jul 2003

Hope you have better luck with Mesh than I had !!

  Rayuk 17:24 21 Jul 2003

OEM copy of WinXPHome is only about £80

  obbit 20:03 21 Jul 2003

i would be very disapointed with just a recovery disk. i would buy only if pc came with full windows disk

  lagerman 21:05 21 Jul 2003

I'm about to install xp home edition over my windows 98 is there any thing i should do before hand,and also will my old 98 software and hardware as in, word,photosuite,paperport.Ex Ex Ex.and my broadband webstar conection be accepted.will i have to re-install anything.

  lagerman 21:09 21 Jul 2003

sorry wrong page

  Ping Pong 21:16 21 Jul 2003

This was actually discussed a few weeks back in a previous thread but here we go again.
From the release of Windows ME to the present you do not get an operating system cd with your machine. You get either a system restore cd or there is a hidden partition on your hard drive with the relevant information. The recovery discs will generally only work on the brand of machine that are they sold with. To be fair this system generally works out best for the non technical user as there normally no searching for drivers etc.

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