Should I expect to be compenstated? (Currys)

  josie mayhem 11:27 08 Jun 2006

Should we have expected a bit more...

We brought a Goodmand's 32in wide screen TV 10 weeks ago from Curry's This has now died....

We are having a replacement TV and there was no agrument here, no mention of a attemping a repair.

To cut a long story short, it took two days to sort out, Product suport said becasue of the age we had to deal with the branch we brought it from, fair enough...

But because they have not got another Goodmans, we have had to have another make a Philips of simular spec.... But this is £50 pounds more which they have charged us for!

When we brought the Goodmans we forked out another £40 because Goodmans don't come with a stand included, our old stand wasn't suitable for a large wide screen.

But I'm out of pockect because of no fault of my own and depending on what happens on saturday day this could mount up to quite a bit, if I have to leave work to await delivery with the loss of several hours of wages...

I've ended up having to pay out another £50 towards a TV, otherwise I wouldn have had to wait for new stock to be delivered (time period unkown) I've already paid out £40 for a suitable stand for the old telly, the Philips come complete with it's own stand.

So this without any loss of wages to except delivery I'm out of pocket on the ordginal deal by £90... and not had a TV for almost a week...

Even though I can't complain about the manner we were dealt with, sorting it out on the second day down at the shop which took almost 2 hours, they did give us a coffee and were very polite and friendly, but when I asked Russ if we would be compenstated in any way, he told me that he wasn't charging for Delivery!!!! A whole £17.95... Noval idea charging to collect the old telly and delivering a new one under warrenty!!!

I do intend to write to customer services just to find out if they will compensate in any way, but it is a case of how far do I push it...

It would of been nice if they had made a phone call to see if they could over-ride the computer booking system to see if they could have got it delivered either on Wednesday or thursday when either hubby or I was at home on rota days off...

  neil79 12:20 08 Jun 2006

I doubt you will receive any compensation, but i would certainly try. Curry's have never in my own experience been forthcoming in paying compensation.

I personally would not buy from them again. I buy from trusted/previous experience from now on. My 32" LCD TV from Evesham Technology broke after 4 weeks, within 4 days a brand new tv was delivered (free of charge, also took old one away) no questions asked. They even throw in a 3Yr swap out warranty as standard. Now that is customer service!

  beynac 12:27 08 Jun 2006

I would have thought that they should refund you for the original purchase, including the stand and then charge you for the new one - leaving you to pay £10 extra.

Compensation? Not in my opinion - they seem to have treated you fairly (apart from the stand). I would concentrate on trying to get the cost of the stand refunded and suggest they write off the £10.

  B1nary 12:35 08 Jun 2006

Just to clarify... Did Currys say you HAD to have a Phillips, or did they just say its what you can have and you excepted!... (did they say it was more expensive?)

As the law stands they should of offered to repair the merchandise or replace it LIKE for LIKE... they can offer a different more expensive spec but must explain to you that it is more expensive, and then the choice becomes yours!! (If you bought on credit you may be able to claim against the finance company)
best to talk to consumer advice, but to be honest there may be nothing left for you to do!!


  oresome 12:42 08 Jun 2006

I think beynac's comments are spot on. The stand's no good to you without the TV and I see no reason why they won't take it back.

  folder4mags 12:56 08 Jun 2006

All very strange when i used to work for DSG who own Currys, if we had this sort of problem like this we would source another product of the same spec from another branch.

All branch's do this and it's normally standard practice, sadly you just got sloppy service by the branch you bought from. Currys in the past have tried to enhance their customer care service & their profile, may be it's not working at this branch.

  961 13:08 08 Jun 2006

I think you should get full credit but I think the new product is probably worth the extra

As to compensation for loss of wages, I don't think that will happen, otherwise all these companies would have gone bust yonks ago

They are delivering free of charge and I think that is probably as far as you will get

  josie mayhem 13:13 08 Jun 2006

I wonder if the using the word compensation is the right one to use?

As I'm not looking to gain a large amount of money, just really not to be out of pocket...

If they had said sorry but we can't replace with the same telly, but if you are willing to except the Philips which is roughly the same spec as yours, we will of course weaver the £50 pounds difference...

I would have been happy with this, I would have been slightly miffed at waiting for the telly to be delivered (but remembering that I picked up the Goodmans from the shop, and it took me and two of my children over 1/2 hour to hump the flipping thing up a fight of stairs, one at a time with a breather to get into the flat) I was willing to wait...

The weavering of the delivery charge means nothing because the Goodmans is broken within weeks of purchase so it is the companies responcibity to exchange/repair this one and except any cost of transporting either the Goodmans to the repair shop or the cost of replacing it... As it can be resonably excepted that because of its size and weight that I am unable to personly take it back to the shop for repair/replacement.

I shall contact customer services and see what they say, along side a couple of letters, never know might get a £10 quid voucher to spend, better than nothing....

I post back and let you know if anything happens...

  B1nary 13:18 08 Jun 2006

You would have thought that they would have wavered the extra £50, just in the name of good customer relations. saves 'em being slagged off in forums!

good luck!!

  wint 14:07 08 Jun 2006

My feeling is that they should have refunded you the cost of the stand (I assume it's now no good to you) and possibly wavered the price difference too.

I don't base this on anything other than my experience of good customer relations with them.

Because of the way they have treated you, you will probably avoid Currys in future as will some others who have read this thread.

My own experience of Currys was different. I bought an own make scanner (I think it was Packard Bell), £39, it stopped working after 2 or 3 weeks so I returned it. They didn't have any in stock so swapped it for a Canon costing almost twice as much, didn't charge me the difference and apologised for my inconvenience! I have used them regularly since, washer, fridge TV etc.

  spuds 15:14 08 Jun 2006

As already stated, Curry's usually source from other stores, which consists of a simple computer check there and then. Considering the age of the product, they could have offered you various options, including a full purchase price refund (the amount on your receipt).

Suggesting that you contact customer services for a possible £10 voucher, is a no, no, as far as I would be concerned.You are already admitting to defeat, on something that is not your fault.

You want a replacement Goodman's unit to that what you had already purchased, or a similar or equivalent unit of another manufacturer. Negotiate the price difference in terms of 'inconvenience' (not compensation) discounts.Speak to a duty manager, if need be.Sometimes, shop floor assistants have very little leeway on negotiations, but tend to give an impression that they have full powers, they do not. The higher the chain of command, the better the resolution!.

Regarding the stand, then make sure that this is returned with the faulty tv, after all its no longer any good to you, unless of course Curry's find an exact replacement tv, which requires the same stand.

At the end of the day, it is for you to decide on the outcome. Try contacting Consumer Direct click here for further advice, if you are still not sure what your options are.

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