Shopping on line

  bapiow 13:41 25 Jun 2008

How many of you have had the same problems as me shopping on line.

Not long ago I was a victim of Fraud, all in small amounts totalling £400. Money was taken Via a PayPal LTD in SA JOSE. I have never had a PayPal account
I informed my bank fraud department immediately.
Money was paid after signing all forms sent to me.
I opened another account just to use for the internet 4 weeks ago with just £50 in.
New Card ( card has never left the house and no pin for it ) new account but I still had money taken out by the same route,PayPal LTD in SA JOSE.
I have only made 4 transaction all with Amazon, needless to say I have asked Amazon to take all of my detail from their system, which they have done.
The bank has now sent me a card reader to use when buying online. I hope it works.

  Woolwell 14:19 25 Jun 2008

Have you scanned your system for malware/virus?

  bapiow 14:27 25 Jun 2008

Ys, clean system as far as anyone can tell
Nod32 running spy catcher and a few others.
Allways scan befor purchase

  FatboySlim71 23:21 28 Jun 2008


I agree with the others, it definitely sounds like you have malware/virus etc on your computer.

I too was a victim of credit card fraud a couple of years back.

My scenario was this:

I had shopped online and paid by credit card for the last 5 years and I have not had any problems with fraud, now this one time I went to purchase something off a website and for some reason or other I could not pay, I couldn't even enter my card details, it got to where you click the checkout button and the next page wouldn't load up, so I decided to ring the company up and place my order over the phone. Now what I think happened was that someone at that place was either on the dodgey side or they disposed of my credit card details irresponsibly, i.e. They wrote my card details down as I give them over the phone and then threw the piece of paper in the bin.

About a week or so later I checked my online banking statement and to my horror saw a £1200 charge for Tesco and £400 for a car parts place, also on phoning up my credit card fraud department I was told it had been used in 3 other places.

It just seems too much of a coincidence that since giving my details out over the phone to the place in question, that I then became a victim of card fraud. I will now only give my card details out via secure web sites and not over the telephone, this was the method I had always used prior to the time I had placed the order over the phone and all had been well.

  rdave13 02:18 29 Jun 2008

So long as the card (new one) isn't used to buy fuel etc , then it seems you have a keylogger on your system.

  bapiow 08:56 29 Jun 2008

Perhaps you are right re the keylogger.
Have just formatted and done a clean install...Vista
Hope this will help!!

  [email protected] 18:20 29 Jun 2008

I've noticed people mention not to use a card to buy fuel in the past. I always pay by card for my fuel and (touch wood) never had a problem yet.

How is it any riskier than using your card to buy anything else?

  wiz-king 21:27 29 Jun 2008

Less risky than letting a waiter at an eatery walk off with it.

  FatboySlim71 22:12 02 Jul 2008

Less risky than letting a waiter at an eatery walk off with it.

Anytime I have eaten out recently (since the introduction of chip & pin) the waiter has either brought a handheld chip & pin machine over to the table or you go to the counter and use the chip & pin machine there. : )

  Stuartli 15:08 03 Jul 2008

>>.."wrote my card details down as I give them over the phone and then threw the piece of paper in the bin."">>

You must have remarkable eyesight...:-)

It's an assumption on your part - I have completed a number of telephone orders on the Cardholder Not Present basis over the years without any problems arising.

However, I always extensively checked out the company being dealt with and only ordered from those with a sound reputation.

In nearly 10 years of ordering goods both by phone and online, I've never had any instance of card fraud (touch wood!) and it involves many thousands of pounds worth of spending.

  Stuartli 15:09 03 Jul 2008

That includes many items ordered from e-Bay and paying for them through PayPal.

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