Shoddy treatment of loyal subscriber

  roi 01:10 01 Feb 2003

I was invited to renew my subscription at the 'reduced rate' of £21.97. I did, but then received an offer from DABS to subscribe at £19.50. I complained to Galleon, and was asked to provide evidence of the DABS offer and they would refund the difference. I did. They haven't!

  bremner 11:58 01 Feb 2003

What are the time scales here, have you been waiting days, weeks, months...? Have you queried the delay?

  roi 12:53 01 Feb 2003

It started on 5 December. My reminders were on 1, 13 and 24 January.

  Forum Editor 13:08 01 Feb 2003

that you write to [email protected]

Include details of who you spoke/wrote to and when.

  roi 13:55 01 Feb 2003

Thanx. I'll try it.

  Djohn 14:53 01 Feb 2003

roi, can't see the (Shoddy treatment of loyal subscriber) bit, They offered and you accepted, now you have found a better offer.

I think it is quite generous of Galleon to make the offer they have.

  roi 15:15 01 Feb 2003

I too would be happy with the offer Galleon made, if they would honour it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:17 01 Feb 2003

You were happy with the original offer or I would assume that you would not have purchased so I really cannot see the problems. 'Shoddy treatment' is a somewhat over-enthusiatic description. I bought 2 Milky Bar yoghurts from Waitrose last week and today, I notice that they are 25p cheaper....think I should go back for a refund. Special offers are just that and if I were galleon I would have said tough luck. You are getting the mags for ahefty discount on the newsagents' price.


If you were happy with the original offer why complain? Compared with the cover price it's a good price. I only wish some other non computer mags i have were as generous.

  roi 15:41 01 Feb 2003

Ouch! This has become emotive.

Was it my use of the word 'shoddy', or my naive belief that (in return for regularly paying a lump sum up front) I had been offered the best deal - or as Andrew Charlesworth wrote "the lowest rates I can offer" - by going direct rather than through a middleman?

  blakdog 15:46 01 Feb 2003

No suprise to me that galleon offered to match dabs, it makes good business sense. They may make less profit but they keep your custom, thats what business is all about.

By the way if you check out the terms and conditions published in PCA Spring edition (page 116) you can cancel the deal at any time and recieve a refund for any unmailed copies, so you are not tied to galleon anyway. If galleon don't honour the agreement simply cancel and go to dabs. In all fairness to the subs dept they do publish the above quite clearly.

I do see your point though, if they consider you a loyal customer why charge you more than dabs? The FE will vouch that I am not exactly a fan of galleon but if you speak to their subs manager you should get it sorted, he's a pretty good bloke.

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