SHARP mini Personal Organiser ZQ-P20

  Salinger 15:17 21 Jul 2004

I bought one of these on Monday, Totally hermetically sealed in plastic so that it can only be released by destruction of the packaging.

Installed the Software for it and started to set the clock - it's sort of pointless having a personal organiser Which is running with midnight on the 1st of January 2004 showing.

Checked the Manual - says press Menu key and select Set Clock - dead easy, except there is NO Menu Key!

Email to Sharp elicits the response "we don't answer technical questions, call this 08705.... number"

Call to the 0875 number - result: we don't have a manual for this Model, call back in a couple of days.

Now, the Organiser was not expensive (£20) but surely when the manual states press Menu Key (and nowhere in said Manual does it show where that Key is) one has to assume a lack of communication within the Sharp organisation.

If someone can tell me where to find said Menu Key I will be delighted to apologise to Sharp.

  Newuser38 19:35 22 Jul 2004

I have the ZQ-290 and have just been to the Sharp site click here to check your model out. As I thought it might be it is very similar to mine.All the controls are on the screen. Press on, then tap the clock/world symbol 3 from right on mine. Then on the screen just above the arrows is MENU. I should have said you may need to tap on 2nd to get the controls active. There are 2 screens one for w/p and the other for settings etc.

Hope that has helped you to crack it. I need my glasses on to read the screen!

  Newuser38 19:40 22 Jul 2004

The manual is available via the Sharp site. You may feel the need to tell them click here by e-mail I suggest not an expensive national call.

  Salinger 20:57 22 Jul 2004

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I still can't see a MENU key anywhere. I did manage to set the clock by using the EDIT key though.

  Newuser38 21:23 22 Jul 2004

Edit is on screen 1 Menu is on screen 2. Tap 2nd on extreme left of the 'taskbar' to switch 2 on or off.

  Salinger 21:27 22 Jul 2004

Tapping 2nd simply toggles between the Keyboard screen and the Calculator screen on mine.

  Newuser38 21:55 22 Jul 2004

Menu is on what is also the calculator screen on mine.This is 2nd screen. Left hand side of the screen below 12/24 and above the forward and backward arrows and to the left of am/pm.

  Salinger 21:59 22 Jul 2004

Thanks for your help but MENU is just not there!!

  Salinger 11:34 23 Jul 2004

Just had a phone call from Sharp. Upshot is that the MENU key is where you said it was! A high power magnifying glass enabled me to read it (it lookes like a small square without magnification)

  Salinger 11:39 23 Jul 2004

BTW, all credit to Sharp for their patience and excellent help after the initial hiccup (they must think that I am as blind as a bat!)

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