andypatto 11:21 18 Feb 2003

I am returned this machine after having repeated problems since its delivery. I ordered this machine on the 7th Jan 2003 and was told it would take 10-14 days to deliver I paid by switch and the money was taken out of my back account on the 11th Jan 2003. Once the two weeks had elapsed I telephoned and was told that the PC would be sent out by the end of the week. On the 5th Feb. 2003 The machine arrived about 13:30 on 6th Feb 03 the currier passed comment of the box containing the monitor, it was ripped the tape on the bottom of the box was half off and it had tin sellotape across the top of the box, it had a label with somebody else’s name under mine and a returns label on the side. This was obviously a returned item that you thought you could pass onto me, how wrong. I immediately telephoned the sales team and inform a male of your problem he asked “What do you want me to do”? My answer was to replace this second’s item with a new one, once again I was put through to MJ who said a replacement would be sent out. I then set about setting up my new and FULLY TESTED machine. Once all the leads where connected I turned on the power waiting to see how fast this machine really was, to my amazement the machine started up then a window appeared with “Windows setup was NOT completed, please restart setup” press OK to continue. This I did only for the machine to travel full circle and end up at the same screen. This could have been a problem for a novice but I thought no I will use the expertly formed Restore Disc. Once again I was wrong there was no restore disc, Once again back on the phone to MJ who this time was nearly as annoyed as me, no problem Mr Patton I will send a disc out in this afternoons post. Sure enough the disc arrived in Friday 8th Feb post, I started the setup and sat a screen then came up asking for my windows key I pulled the machine out and copied the number off the side and typed it in. I got a message saying “incorrect key, please retype” once again I was back on the phone. This time I spoke to a female who informed me that you had been sent 300 incorrect Windows Keys from Microsoft, she asked me a few questions and gave me a new key that worked and asked for the old sticker off the side of the machine to be sent back and she would sent my new one. Once Windows and all the drivers had been loaded I set about just checking the rest of the machine, I thought there had been a mistake as on my original order form it said 180gig 7200 hard drive. This machine only had 130gig, once again I was back on the phone to MJ I told him of the problem and he said he would check and ring me back, some 3 hours later no phone call so I rang him, he told me that your engineers were looking into it and they would get a program that would unlock the rest of the hard drive and he would send it on Monday, I then asked him what was going to happen over the Monitor he said their was a slight problem as that particular monitor had been discontinued and I if I wanted one of the new type you were getting in there would probably be a charge!.
During the rest of Friday I experienced problem after problem:-
1. You needed to press really hard to eject the cd’s and the same to return the drawer back into the machine, the drawer then gets caught and the plastic flap off the case.
2. No audio of the CDRW as the audio lead was in the box with the drivers.
3. USB ports on the front of the case didn’t work as they had not been plugged into anything inside.
4. Fire wire card is in the device manager as an unsupported device.
5. 6 in 1 card read should be fitted flush on the case; it is about 1 inch into the case resulting in being difficult to get the cards in and out.
6. 5:1 surround sound speakers only two work when setup as 5:1 speaker in the audio setup. Set the 6:1 and four of them work but no centre speaker.
7. While the machine is running you hear a small noise and the machine freezes, this happened some 10-15 times during Friday evening.
8. wrong keyboard sent
9. Hard drive had not been partitioned right; I used partition magic and allocated the 57 gigabytes of UNALLOCATED space. This just proved that your engineer had not set this machine up.

  Lú-tzé 11:53 18 Feb 2003

You begin "I am returned this machine after having repeated problems since its delivery" - I don't blame you.

Have you got a refund of the money you paid, especially in light of it being paid by Switch? What have you heard since?

  Goldcroft 11:55 18 Feb 2003

PS: Surely you should immediately demand your money back as Lu-tze says. Have you told your card people? What other faults are lurking ready to emerge?

  Lú-tzé 12:31 18 Feb 2003

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i am waiting for a phone call this pm, they are now trying to take a 10% restocking fee plus the £80 delivery and returns price. Will let you know


andy - try to get some consumer advice before paying the 10% restocking fee. I am not at all sure, but I don't think that you should have to pay it. There are people on this site with some legal knowledge who will be able to advise you better. Just don't antagonise anyone with demands or possible libelous statments and you should be ok. (I am not suggesting that you have / would but it is a word of advice for when things get frustrating. Many good threads have had to be removed because of this problem in the past.)

  Paul-277137 13:00 18 Feb 2003

They have supplied you with goods that do not meet the specification of the order placed. Therefore there should be no question of you paying anything. Ask them, politely, what their intentions are regarding compensation for their breach of contract.

  ChrisP 13:54 18 Feb 2003

I agree strongly with pmd. You have a right in law to have your money back, and the supplier should pay all extra costs, such as carriage. Send a letter by special delivery explaining your complaint with Carrera and asking explicitly for your money back. Give them a firm date by which to pay up. If you paid by credit card, contact your card supplier and ask them to help in getting your money back. You don't have to retun the computer to do any of the above, but you might well want to ask Carrera to collect it - use email to [email protected] or [email protected]. Lastly, you might want to contact Trading Standards for help - they have been effective with this company in the recent past. Keep full records of dates and times and copies of all letters and emails.

  Goldcroft 14:07 18 Feb 2003

Sound advice ChrisP. Best of luck Andy.

  Lú-tzé 16:49 18 Feb 2003

click here for the resolution to this story.

  Forum Editor 19:16 18 Feb 2003

I'll lock this one. The other thread can be reached via the link posted above.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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