shadowing my kids laptop

  ranjranj 13:09 14 Feb 2009

Can anyone offer any advice on how i can watch what my kids are doing on their laptop (in real time)?

We have wireless broadband (secured).

They have their own laptop with webcam etc etc

I have a laptop and also surf the net etc and was thinking if i could watch what they were doing on their laptop from my own laptop.

  Terry Brown 13:30 14 Feb 2009

Wouldn't it be easier to talk to your children, instead of saying you do not trust them.

The program that is widely advertised is Gotomypc click here which lets you access another PC and see what they are doing.

However, as I understand it, the minute you touch a key, it will show up on their computer, destroying any trust you may have built up.

The choice is yours, personally I would rather sit in with my children and talk to them, rather than spy on them.

  curofone 13:39 14 Feb 2009

firstly most routers have can take logs of all websites visted if thats what you want to know

secondly you could use some software like real vnc which is normally used for controlling another computer over a network but you could just as easily use it for remote viewing

thirdly and my prefered option, trust your kids

  Clapton is God 14:24 14 Feb 2009

Your question is often asked in the Forums - "how do I spy on my children's internet activity?"

The answer is usually the same - teach them some idea of right and wrong, learn to trust them and you'll be a better parent for it.

  carver 09:42 15 Feb 2009

Why do you want to spy on your kids, don't you trust them?

If you are bothered about other people they are talking to then explain your concerns to them, get them to talk to you.

You'll have a far better relationship and one in which they can trust you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:49 15 Feb 2009

I always regard this oft-asked question as indicative of the primary failure of parental responsibility.


  gazzaho 14:41 15 Feb 2009

There are programs out there that do what you want but as far as I'm aware they are expensive as they are used to monitor company employee Internet activity.

I think the question is a valid one to be honest, I myself don't have kids but I can understand the worry parents face with the Internet. The fact is there are predators out there and they do/will prey on children given the slightest chance, I believe ranjranj is more worried about perhaps chat rooms and the like than actually what the kids are doing while surfing.

The other posters are right though in talking to the kids and educating them to the risks while surfing, after all if you're "watching" them on your laptop you may as well be in the room with them anyway.

  Nick.gill 13:48 16 Feb 2009

try this software it was very good when I used but then it was called Child Safe then.

click here

I think some of the other posters are missing the point, about spying on our children and trusting them do they not ask there kids where they are going to when they leave the house are ask them how they "speak" to on the phone etc..

Please people use software to protect our children from the pervs out there......

clapton is god its not a question of trust have you ever searched for something and got the 'wrong' thing ? No? then all I can ssay is you've been lucky
Gandalf . DO you have kids?

  tullie 15:48 16 Feb 2009

Quite rght,its not up to us to moralise or tell others how to handle their kids.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:18 16 Feb 2009

I really feel that if you can't trust your kids to surf on the internet then why let them have their computers?

  carver 17:43 16 Feb 2009

How would you feel if a person you trusted put a programme onto your laptop to spy on you.

And most parents do ask their children where they are going when they go out, it's called being a responsible caring parent.

All right so you put on a bit of SPY WARE, what do you do with the information you get from it.

Do you go to the child and admit that you don't trust them, it's a two edged sword, would you ever trust a person who spent his/ her time spying on you.

Why doesn't he just put something like Net Nanny on the machine and block every thing.

Or do as BIG Ben strikes 10 again says.

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