Setanta sports

  Bald Eagle 09:05 15 Mar 2008

I'm away from home a lot but fancy Setanta when in the UK. How do they activate your viewing card? If via satellite well and good, if by phone will have to wait for next UK visit to set it up.

  Mad Mick 09:40 15 Mar 2008

I enrolled by using their purchase system on the TV set. It was a little bit fiddly but you can also do it online.

  birdface 19:05 15 Mar 2008

I think that you only get a limited edition if using a digital box.I know that you get it free with Virgin as long as you take the large TV package.

  So Afraid 20:30 15 Mar 2008

I did it online,gave my sky veiwing card number and if i remember it was activated in about 30 mins.

  961 09:57 16 Mar 2008

If you are with Sky you can do it online via direct debit and Sky contract details. Mine was activated in about 10 minutes

  Scorpion Bay 13:27 17 Mar 2008

I did mine over the phone with them, gave my card details and was up and running in about 10 minutes. If you're just getting a viewing card to put in a STB be careul, some boxes need to be reset for the card to work, but their customer services can help you with this.

  Bald Eagle 06:39 18 Mar 2008

I have a Freeview card, no contract with Sky at all. I will try to explain my request better, sorry it wasn't very clear before. I want to join Setanta via the internet and would prefer it if they activated my Freeview card by satellite downlink. Do they do this or do they send you a new card. Alternatively do they request your viewing card number over the phone because there is a lot of water between me and it!

  Stuartli 17:39 18 Mar 2008

Freeview is a digital terrestial service i.e. via a standard wideband TV aerial feed - no satellite links are involved.

You don't need a "Freeview card" either for the service, although some are Pay For channels.

I would suspect that some sort of PIN is involved using the remote control, especially as the older Freeview boxes with card slots won't work with the new types.

  birdface 01:57 19 Mar 2008

As Far as I know you can go down to Asda's or the likes and get your Setanta card from them,It gives you a number to phone to give your details. And within 10 minutes you should be up and running.

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