Service to print digital pictures in the UK?

  Sparrowhawk 10:39 30 Mar 2004


If you have tried one, could you please recommend one of the internet or shop that do print digital pictures for a decent price?

click here (JESSOPS)
click here (SONY Imaging)

Any other ideas?

  tbh72 14:11 30 Mar 2004

click here For photo and more!!!!

  Stuartli 14:37 30 Mar 2004

Voted number one in PC Pro late last year was click here.

Many online retailers and high street retailers who undertake digital camera prints work, use the services of click here and add a markup for themselves. However, you can go direct.

It's also useful to be able to have your digital camera or scanned photos displayed on mugs, coasters etc either for personal pleasure or to give as presents.

  Sparrowhawk 15:13 30 Mar 2004

click here (BONUSPRINT)

click here (PIXUM)

click here (MYPIXMANIA)

  JerryJay 15:21 30 Mar 2004


added to my posts

  frazky 22:11 30 Mar 2004

using Windows 98 computers) online processors. Some online services may appeal to novices and others to advanced users,

try out Kodak’s relatively new Ofoto service (click here).

playing with the editing tools -was impressed with the quality of her prints,Costs 34p per print, plus from 99p postage. 24 prints would cost £9.45.


Directfoto service (click here).

download software30 minutes to complete first order.allows basic online cropping, and has online photo albums to store your pics, Costs 15p per print plus 75p postage. 24 prints would cost £4.35.


They have a dial-up internet service. tried out Klick Digital (click here).

install Klick’s print wizard – software that helps you manage your image files and upload them to the processor. after five minutes, gave up. hadn’t uploaded, the second visit, quite cheap no minimum number of photos you can print and you can print lots of different sizes in one batch.’

Costs 15p per print and 75p postage. 24 prints would cost £4.35.


pleased with the results from high-street photo labs, tried out the SnappyDigital service (click here). with a high-speed cable modem.

someone calls back to take payment details. found uploading images one at a time tiresome, and website notuser friendly not remove unwanted photos- generally satisfied the prints received,Costs From 49p per print and £2 postage. 24 prints would cost £13.76.

  [email protected] 08:05 31 Mar 2004

I havn't tried them myself (yet) but if there is a Costco near you they do prints from 11p (for 6" x 4"). This is a flat reate wether you want 1 or 100 prints.

Cheap as chips?

  [email protected] 08:06 31 Mar 2004

reate??? must be my regional accent :-)

  Rigga 10:25 31 Mar 2004

to my postings..

  GroupFC 12:03 31 Mar 2004


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