Seriously Internet... Seriously Good!

  Jdoki 17:17 18 Aug 2005

Anyone looking to move to ADSL may want to consider Seriously Internet click here

They have so far been brilliant. I had a couple of questions before signing up with them which were answered quickly and with more than a 'standard format' answer.

They run a pay as you go service which some may find appealing (I did)!

The basic package is a 2Mb connection (with free upgrade to 8Mb when they roll it out), for only £14.99 per month.

This includes 1GB of downloads. Anything you use over this amount is charged on a sliding scale as follows:

1.01GB to 2.00 - £2.00
2.01 - 10.00 - £1.00 per GB
10.01 - 20.00 - £0.25 per GB
20.01 to 30.00 - £0.05 per GB
30GB+ - Free

So the max amount you will pay per month if you download 30GB or more is £27.99 - which is competitive for an unmetered service.

For me it works out much less as I rarely download more than a couple of Gigs per month, so I'm currently paying between 14.99 and 18.99 for an extremely quick connection.

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