Seriously disillusioned with BT Broadband

  Alf58 15:19 28 May 2007

I am fed up with Bt Broadband. I upgraded to "Up to 8mb" broadband package summer of last year. Got a connection speed of around 6400 kbps most of the time. Two weeks ago and for no reason my connection speed dropped to 2800 kbps. A significant drop in the context of my previous speed. It improved to around 4500kbps and there it remains. I am 1.3 Kilometeres away from the exchange and my router is plugged directly into the test socket.

Technical help in Mumbai tell me that the speed has dropped due to more people near me getting broadband and the speed of the line is not determined by distance from the exchange but the quality of the line.

Anyone got any comments? If I changed to another isp would my speed increase or would it remain the same because other isps uses the same exchange etc as BT?

When I asked about downgrading to a fixed 2meg package they wanted to charge me £40. I really am not happy with BT.

  tullie 15:55 28 May 2007

Mine varies between 2.5 and 6,depending on time of day etc,which means im getting up to 8mgs,i dont know the answer,but i dont think another isp would make any difference,maybe others will have the answer.I have tried several isps over the years,and much prefer BT.

  Alf58 16:11 28 May 2007

Thanks for the reply. I was considering cable broadband. Wondering if that was subject to the same fluctuations as phone line broadband.

  wiz-king 16:27 28 May 2007

Cable broadband speed are almost constant and my 4meg connection normally runs at 3.860meg. The only downside is the amount of junk mail and begging letters from Virgin trying to flog me telephone and TV as well!

  Dipso 16:40 28 May 2007

What speed is your mode/router connecting at? If this is the same as before then it's either your exchange is contended click here and check for VPN status RED or the ISP has capacity issues.

If however your connection speed has decreased then that would be down to your line degrading for some reason and this could possibly follow you to a new ISP.

  sunny staines 16:42 28 May 2007

virgin media say they cannot run broad band on their fibreoptic cable and bt phone line is required for broadband. that was the response i had from then two weeks ago.

  Alf58 16:55 28 May 2007


The VPN status at my local exchange is green. My ISP is BT. How would I know if there were capacity issues or wouldnt I apart from my slowing speed?

My current connection speed (4.53 pm Monday) is 4512 downstream.

  Alf58 17:10 28 May 2007


Here are some line stats that may be of interest to you but mean not a lot to me.

local SNR margin 16.0dB
local line attenuation 37.5dB

Raw attenuation 37.5dB

Remote line attenuation 21.0dB
remote SNR margin 23 dB

  Dipso 17:43 28 May 2007

Your decrease in line sepeed and increase in SNR margin indicates to me that you've been suffering from disconnections, I think this is the root of your problem.

I would check out your phone wiring as per the guide click here Are all of your phones, Sky fax etc filtered?

What modem or router do you use?

  Alf58 18:02 28 May 2007

I have dect phones. The main phone is connected to the test socket as is the router. I connected to the master socket last Tuesday when my speed fell below 2000 kbps. The dect phone and router are connected via a filter. I have no other devices connected to the phone line.

  dth 20:49 28 May 2007

Be grateful I have recently upgraded to up to 8mb a few weeks ago. The speed was 3mb for the first week - after that it has been all over the place. From 2mb down to 0.135mb (yes that is right 2 x dial up). It changes every day and is driving me batty.

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