Serious HP design flaw: affected laptops/symtoms

  Mark v1.9.66 04:16 05 Jun 2008

This is a public service announcement for anyone with an HP notebook who may be experiencing one, or more, of a wide range of malfunctions, or may do so in future. A large number of HP products have been affected, (so far in Europe mostly). To find out if your PC could be one of them, go to the link provided below. The problems are the result of damage to the motherboard caused by prolonged overheating as the result of a design fault. Even if you downloaded the critical Winflash BIOS update sp38061, released at the end of Nov 2007, (which causes the cooling fan to cycle continuously), you may still encounter failures months later, due to latent damage. Symptoms include recurrent internal/external monitor failures (black screen), loss of wireless icon/function, boot failures and power loss. (For a full list, see the link). If you find anyone asking for help regarding any of the problems listed, on any tech support site you visit, please copy and paste the link for them.
For what it's worth, HP have extended their warranty (limited to this issue) for all affected products, but it's no recompense for the massive inconvenience they've caused their customers. Help spread the word. It took me 20+ re-boots to get past the black screen and post this message, so I won't be buying any HP products in future.
click here ... R1002_UKEN

  Mark v1.9.66 04:26 05 Jun 2008

Having tested the link there seems to be a problem. Here it is again:
click here
If that still doesn't work you can try entering sp38061 in the HP Customer Support search engine, or get the link from OS forum, or Techmonkeys forum under the same topic heading in either the Chatter or Hardware sections.

  Forum Editor 07:20 05 Jun 2008

and HP have addressed it via the warranty system. The fact that you've had a bad experience is obviously very irritating, and of course it's your right to decide that you won't use the company again. HP makes millions of perfectly good machines every year, however, and manufacturing problems affect all big companies at some point.

  birdface 10:29 05 Jun 2008

Hi.Thanks for the Info.My Grand Daughter got a new HP laptop for her Xmas and it keeps cutting out.I will check her Laptop against your list to see if that may be her problem.She was in her friends house a couple of weeks ago when her mates father rushed in and told the to get out as the upstairs bedroom was on fire.It turned out she had left her computer on on top of the bed and it caught fire and set the bed alight.Not sure if it was the same make of laptop or not but will get her to check.I was fed up fed up telling my grandaughter never to use her laptop on top of the bed.I told her if it was on the bed the air could not circulate and it would overheat and maybe go on fire.She has finally got the message.

  Mark v1.9.66 17:24 05 Jun 2008

It's really important with laptops not to place them on soft surfaces, as it both obstructs the airways necessary for cooling, and tends to allow a lot of fibres to get in and clog up the CPU cooling fins. Cooling on many laptops can be marginal at best. I frequently use my PC in bed as I'm disabled and unwell, but I always make sure it's sitting on a piece of formica covered plywood. Please make sure your daughter is aware of this to prevent any accident recurring in future.

  Mark v1.9.66 17:28 05 Jun 2008

Sorry, I mean granddaughter of course.

  birdface 17:58 05 Jun 2008

Thanks Mark.Sometimes when you are 16, you think you know best.And when we tell them something it goes in one ear and out of the other.As she was in the house when it happened I think she will be a bit more careful.She tells me her computer keeps cutting out every now and then for no reason.But she has the odd program on her computer that I have warned her about.So not sure if it is virus related or heat related.She goes on holiday next month so will have a good look at it when she has gone. Thanks for all the Info.I will keep this in my favorites just in case I have to use it some time..

  Strawballs 22:23 05 Jun 2008

I'm sure I've seen a similar thread to this a while ago but I can't find it

  birdface 22:38 05 Jun 2008

I think you are right I was thinking the same thing myself.I think it was round about Xmas or just before.

  Strawballs 01:30 06 Jun 2008
  Mark v1.9.66 05:54 06 Jun 2008

If the goods are not 'fit for purpose' or 'of satisfactory quality', due, for example, to an inherent design flaw which existed from new, then the normal time limit which applies for rejection of goods in UK law, under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as Amended) can be extended. The burden of proof lies with the plaintive, but a laptop which only lasts a little more than a year is a pretty clear cut case, especially considering how many have been affected, and that HP have finally admitted their fault, after much prevarication. UK law was changed in 2002 to allow consumers to make class actions, so anyone else affected by this issue should get in touch! My Presario v6000 started 'blacking out' 17 months after purchase, and 5 months after installing HP's BIOS "cure" sp38061, so I have no confidence in them.
Being disabled and reliant on my PC, I'm not impressed by the thought of being deprived of it, even for a couple of weeks, for repairs which may only keep it together until the 90 day limited warranty extension expires.

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