Serif Software for free! Is this legal?

  pj123 12:59 25 Jun 2003

I downloaded Serif Webplus 6 for free from click here which was supposed to have 20 web templates to build your own website. But after downloading I find there are no templates unless you ring Serif and buy the 2 CDs required to use this programme. I must say the only charge is the postage, which is £5.90. Obviously, they take all your details so they can put you on their mailing list, but surely, an offer of a free programme should work??

  Lone Crow 13:53 25 Jun 2003

Can't comment on the actual offer but you may find if you read it very carefully it's couched to give you a hint of what they really mean rather than what you think they mean at first glance. It's very doubtful that their skilled advert writers would make an obviously illegal statement! Although Serif are a bit 'hot' on their marketing tactics their products are usually excellent and their back-up and upgrades second to none in my experience. They offer a 30 day unconditional refund if you're not happy with anything, a facility I've used twice with no quibble either time (no prob with the products, just didn't want them after trying them). In fact they gave me one of them rather than return it! I recommend them unreservedly and think your £5-90 will pay you rich discount dividends in the long run if you ever want any other of their software titles. LC.

  pj123 15:40 25 Jun 2003

Thanks Lone Crow. I do have all of their products anyway, except WebDesign. Their website click here actually gives a listing of what you get with the free download. But that isn't what you get. I have spoken to them on the phone, and, as I am already an existing customer they are posting the 2 CDs out to me for free. So a result there then.

  pj123 15:58 25 Jun 2003

Go to click here and click on Webdesign6, then scroll down to the bottom and there is a link which says "See what's included in the FREE Webplus 6 download" It then gives a comparison between the download and the actual CDs. eg. it says 20 wizards but there are no wizards on the dowload, nor are any of the other comparisons on the download. I had to point the Serif Helpdesk in the right direction, and in the end they agreed there was a problem. They have offered to send me the CDs for free, which I have accepted.

  Allan-255312 19:27 25 Jun 2003

Hi pj123
I have dealt with Serif for a while now, and I think they are great. I once bought a small digital camera from them, which was not successful, I returned it and got a full refund. The software that I use, I am delighted with. To be recommended!

  gardener 00:55 26 Jun 2003

Serif products like Draw Plus and Page Plus are very good,however once they have got you in their grasp it is difficult to extract yourself so be warned.I used to get unsolicited phone calls,emails and letters from them frequently.The phone calls seemed to me to be the worst as the caller would try to tempt me to buy at supposed 'special offer' prices.
Just tell them to take you off their database and then upgrade your software when you want to,not when they want you to.

  lightfeet 07:36 26 Jun 2003

I agree with Gardener. After receiving a lot of very long & detailed phone calls, obviosly reading from their screen, I asked them to remove me from their phone call list. This was about 6 months ago & they appear to have done so as I have not received any more calls from them. However I still receive their mailshots which I must admit I do enjoy reading. I regularly use their PagePlus which I find is excellent & am now considering upgrading to their most recent version for which I have recently received their advert in the post

  pj123 12:13 26 Jun 2003

gardener, I did exactly that and have not had a phone call from them for ages. But, of course, now I have downloaded another programme from them I expect I will be "re-activated" and have to go throught the whole routine again. I don't mind an odd phone call but they always seem to do it in the evening, (not the best time for me). I have just had an email from Serif confirming they are sending me the 2 CDs for free. Will tick this now.

  Tenner 12:55 26 Jun 2003

From my experience, they may be 'hot' on their tele marketing, but they do take 'No' for an answer and are most pleasant to deal with. There are far worse intruders out there, I think.


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