Serif - Praise

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:29 11 Feb 2003

A little bit of praise for Serif again.

Just ordered the HyperPen 6000 with PhotoPlus6 and free cordless mouse for £14.95 (+£5.95 p&p).

On the phone for 15 mins but never mind you can't have everything. Guy I spoke to didn't try and sell me anything. Took payment details and then was happy to deliver to a different name at a different address to the card holder.

Amazed that their system could cope as its going to a Uni Halls of residence with an 8 line address! But it did!

Lets just hope it turns up now :)

  Djohn 20:01 11 Feb 2003

I ordered the "create your own will" from an e-mail invitation, delivered next day. They never phone, just send me an e-mail once a week with some very attractive offers. Well pleased. J.

  Coaster3 20:27 11 Feb 2003

"Took payment details and then was happy to deliver to a different name at a different address to the card holder."

How fortunate that the card wasn't stolen!!!

  Sir Radfordin™ 22:41 11 Feb 2003

Hope you have proof of that statement!

Tesco pay at the pump is a wonderful source of information

  Worf100 22:58 11 Feb 2003

It came on a 3.5" disk ! Since then I have used (and still use) Serif software. They do not give the hard sell first time but wait till next time ! They now have two points of contact for you ! I always stop them in mid flight and tell them what I want. They do some great offers with some 'older' software but it's still good value. Pity they do not let you collect from the offices.
Good luck with your HyperPen, it will take practice, but for art work its great.

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:24 12 Feb 2003

The pen will be an interesting option for me! I write with ,y left hand but do everything else right handed...mouse in right hand! When I write on a pen/chalk board (very PC!) I often use my right hand! Dunno where this gadget is going to go!

  Stuartli 09:03 12 Feb 2003

I've acquired Serif software several times and found it excellent.

As previous threads will testify, the £3.95 offer of about a year ago was especially good value particularly as it included a quality mouse and p and p.

If you get the hard sell in follow up calls, just state firmly you are not interested at present and you will immediately be thanked and the call concluded.

The offers are, of course, a means of building up a customer database; nothing wrong with that as Serif products are good and reasonably priced.

In fact if you haggle or show hesitation you will be offered further discounts...:-)

  Sir Radfordin™ 10:06 12 Feb 2003

They didn't actually take a phone number from me so shouldn't get any follow up calls! They are welcome to send as much mail to my house as they like, I like to think it keeps the postman in a job ;-)

  Djohn 11:20 12 Feb 2003

Once more sir rad. I agree with your views on Serif, excellent offers and I have been with them for about a year now, no hard sell at all, and when I do place an order, it is with me in one or two days.

They have the mouse deal on offer again at the moment, same as last time, but one grade up on software. Regards. J.

  spuds 23:56 12 Feb 2003

I have also received the Hyperpen offer.Thinking about getting it, but seeing your posting, I think I will wait to see your Test Report. A friend purchased it sometime ago, but he had problems setting it up.He also used the 'free' cordless mouse, but had problems with that also.So Sir Rad, I await your report unless of course somone else as tried and tested this product.

  tbh72 00:25 13 Feb 2003

DJOHN I have some serif software you can have for a FIVER if you like...... It's

Web Page Maker "e-Design Studio" &

WebPlus 7

Let me know if your interested I can pop it round whenever!!!!

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