mbp 13:04 12 Feb 2004

Serif is promoting this PDF Edition Dest Top Publisher.
I would like to hear comments from user's of PagePlus. Have they been satisfiied with the capabilities of PagePlus as a Desk Top Publisher. Have there been many limitations to this program. Have you found the templates to suit your needs? Is it flexible enough?

  IClaudio 18:08 12 Feb 2004

All the PagePlus versions are excellent, and I've been using them for several years. I have reservations about the text handling, which isn't as flexible as something like QuarkXpress, but then this program is a tenth of the cost. The latest version, 9, is aimed very much at the professional (the text handling remains a little quaint...) although dabblers can still get a lot out of it.

You can download PagePlus 5 for free click here, which should give you a good idea of the general workings of the program, I don't think the interface has changed much...

Good luck

  mbp 19:14 12 Feb 2004

You mentioned PagePlus9. I assume that that is the latest version at the moment. I have been offered PagePlus8 for £9.95 for the PDF edition including the Resource CD. Can I just assume that this low price is because it is already a superceded program by PP9?

  961 19:17 12 Feb 2004

I have used Page Plus on and off since I got it free with a Mesh Computer years ago. It is easy to use and on top of that I keep getting offers to upgrade at minimal prices. I got Page Plus 8 about a year ago for about £10 long before it became available generally for a much higher price. I've recently had an offer of the Pdf edition for £9.99 + £3 delivery and there has been an offer of Page Plus 9 Pdf today via e-mail for £49 with a guarantee I can't buy that cheaper for 6 months. Page Plus 9 Pdf is currently doing the rounds at up to £99 although at that price I think I'm into MS Publisher territory.

Page Plus is a good programme. Its clip art and graphics aren't of the best but I have to say that at the prices it is offered to me it is a bargain

  IClaudio 19:55 12 Feb 2004

Take PP8 for a tenner! How can you go wrong?

PP9 is really aimed at the print professional, and even comes with seperate Colour Charts and samples of different paper types - a bit OTT for the casual user, but it's a serious contender for, say, a local jobbing printer who doesn't need all the bells and whistles of Quark. I don't want to assume anything, but if you're asking these questions, you probably won't need the added extras...

The £99 asking price is negotiable for the serial Serif buyer - I got a substantial discount. I've been very happy with the way that Serif treats their customers and can wholeheartedly recommend their products - and they can have that endorsement for free!

  PurplePenny 21:48 12 Feb 2004

What is the closing date on your offer? I've missed the date on my letter but in the past I've phoned after the date and they've still had the offer on. I completely agree with IClaudio - you get all manner of offers and excellent discounts once you are a customer. They sent me an offer that wasn't exactly what I wanted so I phoned and negotiated and got the deal that I wanted.

Oh, and to answer your question - yes, the software is offered cheap because it is superceded. Even earlier versions are given away free on the site that IClaudio linked to.


  mbp 22:16 12 Feb 2004

Thanks for all your encouraging comments. I already have PP5 free offer. I assume that is why I am getting this offer to upgrade to PP8 for £9.95 This offer ends March 6th,2004. I think I will go for it. Thanks all!

  mbp 20:43 14 Feb 2004

Some of my other friends have expressed an interest in the offer above, and Serif have permitted me to buy 3 copies of the same, as my friends did not receive the offer. It is not possible to get a decent DTP for that sort of price. I believe the Microsoft Publisher is priced near the £100 mark, and Serif's is now comparable?

  Pinelea1 22:33 14 Feb 2004

I've just taken up the offer; the third version of PP I've had. As ever, a very satisfying program BUT how on earth do I generate a pdf file?

The help and othe rnotes don't help me at all. Am I being thick?

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

  Beann Syrup 23:19 14 Feb 2004

I recently purchased PP8 (got a leaflet offering PhotoPlus8 which I wasn't interested in and asked for PP8). I thought I could save files as PDF as that is what I was looking for, but I can only print to PDF. By the way I paid £9.95 + £10 for the Manual.
I was offered PP9 for £49.99 but couldn't afford it at the time.
For the quick look I had at it PP8 isn't much different from the PP7 I have apart from printing as PDF so I may return it as it wasn't what I was looking for. I have only praise for Serif as I use a lot of their software.

  mbp 13:00 15 Feb 2004

I have not received my PagePlus8 yet, but the PDF bit interested me in the program. I am sure that PDF must mean PDF. Sorry if I am blabbing on, but I have a small free for single user program called "pdfFactory" where I can convert any format, such as Word into a pdf format to send as emails etc. However it uses the pdf printer to convert the document that can be saved to a file. Maybe this program is something like that?
I too was offered the PagePlus9, but I will wait till the price comes down a bit as I am not an avid Publisher. It was referred to as their Flagship program.

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