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  grumplestiltskin 12:27 20 Dec 2007

Howdy – I bought PC Advisor this month partly because it came with an offer for Serif Draw 6. As other readers may know by now, in order to use it, you need to telephone Serif and ask for a reg. number. If other readers’ experience is like mine they will have had to sit through a formulaic sales pitch for Serif Draw 9.0 – I declined the £40 sale or return offer (since I hadn’t even tried 6). Anyhoo, I started writing this after waiting 15 minutes for the registration number to ‘come through’. Finally realised the guy at the other end had hung up (2nd time round it took all of 30 seconds for the number to ‘come through’). PC Advisor is streets ahead IMHO in terms of the quality and range of software offered, but is it not possible to say somewhere that we have to listen to a sales pitch for a free product – people’s time isn’t free & I don't know anyone who likes sales pitches! Don’t companies like Serif know this tactic can be counterproductive? If they have confidence in their later products why not let us try the ‘older’ version first, which they presumably thought was good at some stage. Surely that’s the point of bundling it in the first place? ps Merry Xmas

  jja244 13:44 20 Dec 2007

You can register Serif software online at
click here. You'll need the serial number and the marketing code
Never had a problem doing it this way. You get an email with the registration key in minutes.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:44 20 Dec 2007

You are getting an excellent programme for 15 mins of your time. *Ahem*....I'm sure your time is not that valuable.


  Stuartli 13:47 20 Dec 2007

Serif has used this technique for more years than I care to remember.

I've always found that if you state immediately that you are not interested in "upgrading", then this is immediately acknowledged.

  Pesala 23:52 20 Dec 2007

Selling software is how the company stays in business, so don't be too surprised that they try to sell you an upgrade. Just be firm and polite, or register online. Say that you want to try the free version for several months, before deciding to upgrade or not.

If you get sent emails, unsubscribe if you don't want the special offers (a few are worthwhile).

Serif products cannot be beaten for value for money, but some sales staff can be pushy. Don't complain, just don't be bullied, and remember your legal rights to a cooling off period if you do buy something you really did not want.

You may find PagePlus 9 at £10 will be adequate for most drawings click here and it is a powerful DTP program too.

DrawPlus will let you make animations and scale drawings though, which PP9 cannot do.

  Simsy 03:15 21 Dec 2007

of Serif for a while.

While they do ask about your software needs, "What do you mainly use your PC for?" and encourage you to try their software, I've found that they can, easily, recognise when to stop and get on with it. Just be firm and positive. It's only another human on the end, after all.

And they are good and true to their word with regard to refunds if you don't like something. I have personal experience of this.

And their products are good.

And the prices are too. And they are open to a bit of haggling! Just don't be silly!



  spuds 17:03 21 Dec 2007

Like many other people, I use Serif and have the regular email and occasional phone call from them, regarding special offers. A simple "no thank you" usually solves the issue.I have even accepted their free trial offers, and returned the items under freepost facility. Usually being told to keep any free gifts. Now who else lets you use their software or makes such generous offers for free!.

Try Serif before you even think about buying or upgrading click here registration over the internet, usually by return email confirmation.

  grumplestiltskin 00:30 22 Dec 2007

Thanks a lot to all of you for taking the time to reply - I'm still a novice at all this but it's really good to hear your thoughts. Pesala & jja244 thanks for the tips which I have jotted down; spuds, simsy and stuartli cheers muchly too... next time I post I will try to have something more constructive to say about PC Advisor - I do think it is nails... Merry Xmas!!

  tullie 04:51 22 Dec 2007

Dont apologise,you were right.

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