Serif Draw Plus 4 Free

  xanderog 20:11 29 Apr 2003

I was pleased when this months magazine included Serif DrawPlus 4 on one of its free discs.
I installed it and was slightly perturbed when I discovered that I would have to register it , not online , but by a provided freephone number .Reasoning that it would be an automatic voice or key response system I was horrified when I was connected to a real live person.
What was even worse , I gave my name and address before an installation code was provided . Now I will be continually expecting upgrade offers etc from Serif.
Surely , if the magazine is including " free programs " on its discs it should be with " no strings attached "

  ton 20:26 29 Apr 2003

You can get the free Serif software from click here You have to give an email address to receive the unlock code. This way you don't need to phone and when you receive emails from them you can choose not to receive more. They do give some quite useful software for free, but they are obviously hoping you will buy later versions.

  leo49 21:41 29 Apr 2003

It's not exactly onerous to pick the monthly mailshot off the doormat and file it in the bin,is it?

  MIke 21:45 29 Apr 2003

I registered my copy online at click here

The program itself works but double clicking on an image brings up the message photo wizard not registered. Can't see any way of registering the photo wizard though, anyone any ideas?

  Peter E 23:38 29 Apr 2003

...and thought it was quite good, except that every now and then it comes up with an error and closes. Also, there doesn't seem to be any clipart with it. But it is "free" and I don't think there's any harm in having to register - they have to get sales somehow.

Have a look at the Serif site. The latest offerings look quite attractive at an affordable price - and they do give discounts. The new Pageplus 8 has a PDF facility and apparently compares quite well with MS Publisher. There's been good reports of Serif on this site, so I might give it a go.

  MIke 20:46 30 Apr 2003

Problem with Serif though is that once they got your phone number they pester you with calls to upgrade or invest in other software packages, just as bad as kitchen or double glazing salesmen, some of the operators try quite a hard sell.

  bfoc 08:01 01 May 2003

In my experience they do take their 'free trial' seriously. When I tried one product I was sold and found that it did not, in my estimation, match the description given over the phone they:

1. Credited my account with the cost price.
2. Let me keep the software.
3. Sent me some more software, with full manual, free!

All without any pushing or arguing!

It makes me much more likely to use them again.

  Djohn 08:59 01 May 2003

I have been registered with serif for some time now and yes, they do send the odd e-mail or phone call, but they never put any undue pressure on you to buy.

The offers they make are always good ones, and their products are first class. On the occasions they offer an upgrade to one of their products, it's always at a very attractive price, too good to resist at times!

They have almost all the programs you will need, and they all work quite happy with M/Soft software. You need have no worries at all in registering with this company. J.

  Belatucadrus 12:23 01 May 2003

I've never had any real problems with Serif, and I've been using free copies of Pageplus since I got version 3 on a cover disk. I purchased a digital camera from them that I didn't like and it went straight back without any problems. If you unsubscribe from the e-mails they stop and I haven't had a phone call for years. All in all any software house that posts free versions of old software is in my good books. It's a pity Jasc are less forthcoming with old issues of Paint Shop pro.

  recap 12:47 01 May 2003

Strange, I installed Serif but did not have to register it to start using it. Am I the lucky one???

  Bargee 17:06 01 May 2003

Try not to get too uptight xanderog, I've been registered with Serif since DrawPlus 3 & PagePlus5 (they're now up to 6 & 8 respectively). They have always offered me the upgrades at ridiculously low rates to include the manuals & you get an entire stand-alone application that doesn't need your old program to form the basis of the upgrade. What's more I usually get the upgrade some 9 months before it goes on sale, but that could be because I'm registered as a business albeit one-man-band.

I have never experienced any problems with hanging or freezes although I wouldn't rule out just being lucky.

If you really don't want them to contact you with offers etc. by email or phone, it's very easy to unsubscribe. I've done this with the email as that WAS irritating, but they only contact me about twice a year. No problem, enjoy.

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