Serif amazing digicam

  thefoolmonte 12:52 15 Mar 2003

In my post today there was a letter from Serif offering an amazing digicam for £9.95 together with a copy of Photoplus 6. This can be used as a webcam, digital camera and a digital camcorder. The latter two without necessarily being connected to a pc via USB but using two AAA batteries. All this seems too good to be true, although I am tempted to invest a tenner to find out. Before doing so has anyone else any experience of this wonderful contraption ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:43 15 Mar 2003

Serif sell excellent products especially if you go for the 'old' versions. They are a brill company and Photoplus 6 is an excellent editing programme with many features that are usually on much more expensive software. The camera is likely to be low resolution but hey, at a tenner incl. the programme you cannot go wrong. If you buy you will probably get the occassional selling phone call but a polite 'no thanks' is all that is needed.


  Stuartli 13:45 15 Mar 2003

I think the price when Serif originally offered the digicam was £19.99.

  spuds 15:05 15 Mar 2003

The discontinued software is worth the £9.99 alone, [do not forget the postage].This particular offer was floating around originally at £29.99, then it was reduced, and appears to be even lower now.

  BRYNIT 21:30 15 Mar 2003

Serif send out these offers now and again, I think the last one was a package with a free mouse. Once you phone to order they will try and sell you a more up to date program.

  bruno 19:49 17 Mar 2003

I bought one of thee for my grandson at Christmas for £19.99 and it is excellent value.

  rins36 23:25 20 Mar 2003

I have the pencam that came with an item that I had purchased, but for some reason it tells me on loading the software that it is not compatible with WinXP

And advised me to cancel the software install as a precaution

  spuds 19:25 21 Mar 2003

Is the £9.95 digicam on offer, a Marscam VGA302 ??.

  conrail 20:23 22 Mar 2003

have the same camera, mine is an Aiptek model, cost me £29.99 from serif, works well and is a good buy if you don't want anything fancy, cannot focus or zoom, just a basic camera, use mine everyday, results are good, also works well as a webcam, I had problems when installed xp but placed request fon this site for help and thanks to "1832bchs" who sent the following
click here, I believe the camera is the same, you can always download and install the software, if it doesn't work then just unistall, ignore the cd that came with the camera unless you want to use the other programmes on it.

  Bacon & Eggs 21:00 22 Mar 2003

I got a spam from Serif this morning with a similar offer (£19.99).

Although I already have a mini digicam meself... the tech spec on the Serif offer one is a pitiful 352x288. Just about enough to print a stamp-sized pic. Look at the Mustek Gsmart range from click here or click here if you are seriously thinking about getting one.

By the way, my camera also tells me it's not compatible with XP. This is because it's not on the list of products approved by Microsoft - but it works absolutely fine. So carry on regardless...

  thefoolmonte 22:11 22 Mar 2003

Phoned Serif to order the £9.95 digicam. They were quite happy to send me this one but pointed out that the picture was quite small and not many pixels or much memory but..... They have another one at £29.95 which is a bit better with 300K memory I think they said, and another at £49.95 which has 2.2Mb memory and gives much better pictures. There is a 60 day period to return it for a refund if not satisfied and you get to keep the software anyway. Rather surprised that they suggested that I should buy the more expensive camera rather than try to persuade me to by a more expensive later version of their software.

Anyway I decided to go for the £49.95 camera and send it back if I am not happy with it.

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