bannon12 19:39 16 Jan 2007

Hi I recently bought PC Advisor, however, I am concerned that the DVD copy of Serif page plus 8: I am concerned that it might be a SCAM from Serif to charge people for using the so called FREE product. Can you assure me I have NOT been charged by Serif for visiting their web site?


  dagbladet 19:44 16 Jan 2007

How can you be charged for visiting a web site? Did you give any credit/debit card details?

  Billp64 20:58 16 Jan 2007

Have dealt with Serif sinced 1995, brilliant company, no problems at all with them. They have great service and good offers if you require them.

  ventanas 21:33 16 Jan 2007

I think we're being wound up here. For years Serif have given away earlier versions of their products, and of course they try to induce you to buy the latest version at the same time, it's called business. There is nothing wrong with Serif whatsoever. You have to visit their site to register or the programs won't work.

  Pesala 21:36 16 Jan 2007

A free download from, click here It is a more recent version that PP8 — a cut down version of PP9.

There are no strings attached — you can use it as long as you wish for free. If you don't want emails offering cheap upgrades then you can unsubscribe from the mailing list. Upgrade to PP9 is £10 click here

Check out the Serif Forum for some excellent free help: click here

For my Feature Comparison of different versions and Brief Reviews click here

PP11 is the current version — the next version is on the way sometime in the not too distant future.

  terryf 21:54 16 Jan 2007

The only problem is the bombardment of follow up emails but block senders put a stop to that when I got fed up

  Pesala 22:09 16 Jan 2007

I never could understand why some people complain about Serif's email. If you don't want it, just unsubscribe and it will stop coming. I don't get any email offers at all and I have most of their programs — free and paid for versions.

click here

If it still comes anyway, delete it or use a spam blocker like Magic Mail Monitor: click here

  paddy75 01:42 18 Jan 2007

I have used Serif for a long time now and have found their products and prices excellent,the downside is i am bombarded with E Mails,phone calls and mail.Paddy

  spuds 11:17 18 Jan 2007

Inform Serif that you want to unsubscribe from their telephone and email list, and they will comply. I have used Serif extensively in the past, and never really had a problem with them. On very rare occasions I still have the extra special offer email via another Serif source, but its never a real problem.

  Z1100 23:41 18 Jan 2007

their e-mail response. It is non existent. Call them up and they will chat all day, send an e-mail to buy or return software, well 2 weeks and 4 e-mails on I am still waiting for an answer.

Oh, and I am going to keep on waiting 'till they do respond just out of morbid curiosity.


  Pesala 11:24 27 Jan 2007

Did this thread answer your question?

Did you register your copy of PP8?

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