Spark6 16:30 08 Nov 2004

Early last week I received, unsolicited, 2 CD's containing PhotoPlus 9 from Serif (Europe) Ltd., PO Box 2000, Nottingham. NG11 7GW.

Fortunately, today I received my latest bank statement showing a Switch transfer of £19.95 in favour of Serif.

I do not doubt that it is good value at £19.95 but I am concerned that money has been taken from my account without my permission.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide me with Serif's telephone number, preferably the managing director, so that I can take this up with them tomorrow. TIA

  Stuartli 16:51 08 Nov 2004

This is Serif's website:

click here

However, I cannot see a reputable firm such as Serif sending unsolicited goods AND taking payment for them. Someone must have provided the details of your account to the firm unless, of course, you have dealt with it before.

  mbp 17:18 08 Nov 2004

Spark, Serif is a reputable and honorable firm. If there has been some sort of mistake, return the goods and you will be reimbursed. You have no worry on that score. Could someone have ordered it for you, knowing how keen you are on Photography? BTW, it is a very good and money for value image enhancing program. It is easy to use and very flexible. But how would Serif get your switch number?

  Pesala 18:15 08 Nov 2004
  spuds 18:47 08 Nov 2004

Spark6--It would perhaps seem as though Pesala as made a good suggestion regarding the £19.95 transaction. Checking previous postings I notice that you subscribed to one of Serif's special offers in the past, did you at that time have a discussion with the sales person,which may have led to your further subscription.

If you contact Serif via their freephone number [0800 924 925], I am sure that they will soon resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

  Spark6 19:51 08 Nov 2004

Many thanks for the responses to date.

Stuartli: Serif had my 'details' - I had purchased items from them in the past.

mbp: I believe my response to Stuartli answers your question.

Pesala: Your posting definitely gives me food for thought.

spuds: The telephone number is what I was after, thank you.

After purchasing an item from Serif a month or so ago I received a telephone call from an Australian sounding guy who wanted to talk to me about a FREE offer to Serif's valued customers. At the time of his call we were about to have a meal so I told him it was not convenient at that time. He asked if they could call again, some other time, this I agreed to.

A few days later, another call, in which I was asked what I used my computer for because Serif wanted to give me a free gift. When I mentioned digital photography and the family tree I am researching, the caller apparently spoke to his supervisor, and came back and said they probably had some photographic software that would be of use to me, and he would look into the family tree interest.

At the end of this conversation I was asked for £1.00 to defray the postage and packing. When I agreed to this charge I was asked if it could be charged to the Switch account I had used previously. This I agreed to.

Shortly after this I received an email stating that they were having a problem with this account so I telephoned them and queried why, when I had used the account previously, they were unable to take the £1.00 they had requested. I was asked if there were funds in the account, naturally there were, no £1.00 was transferred and no free software was received until the PhotoPlus 9 arrived last week in a box marked 'SPECIAL BENEFITS FOR SELECT MEMBERS'.

I shall close this thread and telephone Serif tomorrow and demand my money back and inform them, in writing if need be, that I do not want any more free gifts that cost £1.00 or SPECIAL BENEFITS.

Thanks again

  kinger 22:00 08 Nov 2004

I know this thread is 'closed' but I might just add that, although Serif are a reputable company with great, affordable, products, their sales staff are superb at 'pushing' you into other items that you didn't originally call their hotline for.

Their offers for £9.95 software can end out costing you £85.95 if you agree to the other offers that they ramble on about at 90 miles an hour.

Nothing wrong with the telephone agents doing their job properly but they always try and sell you much more than you wanted to buy. I always have to give a firm NO to their offers of 'extras' otherwise, a lesser experienced customer ends up with more than they bargained for.

Call their freephone number and ask for their latest £9.95 offer ... you'll see what I mean, it's really quite clever.

  josie mayhem 22:16 08 Nov 2004

I took up this offer, the £1 bit, and yes I did get a relevant software as promised, and every so many month I get a letter and a broucher stateing what I will recieve (I'm waiting for photo9) if I dont require this I have a choose of other software, or and if I dont want anything than I let them know, if not they debit my account, that I gave them and then I'm sent the item.

What's wrong with this, they phoned me and inquirred I excepted, gave my banking details no problems.

No under handiness at all been invilved whats so ever.

And believe you me I give unwanted please buy this ect, very turse reply before phone goes down normanly.

  Spark6 23:17 08 Nov 2004

josie mayhem

I think I know where you're coming from! You received a £1.00 offer and, as yet, have not had anything untoward happen regarding the account you had your £1.00 debited from.

I can assure you, in no uncertain terms, that what I have described happened to me.


  Stuartli 09:48 09 Nov 2004

I have dealt with Serif's telephone call centre staff on several occasions - the best way is to be polite, but firm, and state that you are not interested in buying any software.

Usually the penny drops pretty quickly and there's a polite thank you and goodbye.

  Spark6 10:15 09 Nov 2004

Have teleponed Serif this morning, my £19.95 is to be returned to my account, the software is mine to keep and a letter of apology, and explanation, is to be sent to me.

I pointed out to the gentleman in Serif Select that there was no misunderstanding on my part, and as they monitor and record conversations, they could confirm what I was saying.

No free gift has been received to date and the £1.00 has not been debited to my account.

Something that concerns me regarding this episode is the fact that a company is able to activate a Switch transfer without my permission simply because I have purchased goods previously from them. Surely this is wrong!

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