Serial ATA hard drives

  AdeJ 17:07 03 Jan 2003
  AdeJ 17:07 03 Jan 2003

Tried posting this in the helproom but didn't get a response - can anyone in here shed some light?

What's the latest on SATA drives and their availability - Seagate say they are available as of Autumn last but Dabs seems to be the only one listing them and are warning "long lead times expected". I'm due for a drive change in the near future - worth the wait or not?

Many thanks

  DieSse 17:25 03 Jan 2003

Personally I wouldn't wait, for a variety of reasons.

Early users usually have to apy more and get all the teething troubles.

You do need a different motherboard, or disk controller card.

Doubt if you wil notice any huge speed difference.

  AdeJ 17:47 03 Jan 2003

Thanks for your feedback - I already have the mobo capability and the prices quoted so far are only about 12% more than an ata100 - it's whether it will happen anytime soon and whether the alleged 40% speed increase is hype or not..

  chorlton 19:06 03 Jan 2003

Toms hardware guide is a good source of info. they did a bit about serial ata but it was for a laptop drive, still interesting though.

click here

  DieSse 20:04 03 Jan 2003

"Speed" on an HDD is a multifaceted thing. Whilst the transfer rate of a serial drive may well be higher in theory - factors like seek time and latency (which are governed by the mechanics, and are in the millisecond range) can be more important than data transfer rate.

It's a fact that modern drives cannot transfer data at a sustained rate anywhere near as fast as an IDE interface - so why would an even faster serial interface have a huge impact.

If the drives have a larger on-drive cache, then that would help - but it would also help IDE drives.

And to cap it all, it's only one part of system performance - and may or not be the limiting part in any one operating scenario.

Hence - whilst no doubt it will be a bit faster, and no doubt it will become the standard in time - I personally wouldn't buy one now, or look forward to any huge leap in performance if I did.

  jimv7 08:16 04 Jan 2003

Scsi, the newer drives sustained transfer rate of 320mb per sec.

  siarad 10:01 04 Jan 2003

If HD speed really mattered then windows would load almost instantly & programs run like lightning. It seems to me it's the poor software that slows us all down. Months ago I posted that Maxstore had the first serial drives but I've never seen any. Let others sort out the problems, being first is never a good thing.

  AdeJ 10:21 04 Jan 2003

Thanks for the advice guys, think I'll wait out the SATA movement for now - I'll probably upset you all now by going for an IBM 120GXP but despite their past reputation I've always found IBMs Deskstar range noticeably faster..!

  Edezine 17:22 11 Jan 2003

If you want speed, your best option with using IDE drives is a Raid 0 setup, for this you will need 2 or more (ideally) identical drives and a Raid capable motherboard or controller card, this option may be more expensive but definitely worth it.

  rustyninja 16:21 12 Jan 2003

They have the drives on the site.

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