Sell phone on contact?

  SirMetal 19:40 02 Apr 2011


I am on a 24-month contract with Vodafone (which started last November).

I have the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and I pay £33 a month for it.

My question is, though, can I sell this phone and buy a new one? Will this break my contacts' terms?

Any advice appreciated!

  birdface 21:58 02 Apr 2011

I would imagine you would be able to sell it as long as you use the same sim card on your new phone as you have to pay for the rest of the contract.

  Al94 22:14 02 Apr 2011

No problem - go ahead if you want to

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:53 03 Apr 2011

I suggest you read your contract rather than rely on advice from people who have not seen it.

  OTT_B 09:09 03 Apr 2011

You could always phone your service provider and ask!

  v1asco 12:42 03 Apr 2011

in these three situations you do not have to pay all line rental charges until the end of the minimum period but you may have to make a payment in respect of your mobile equipment. We will let you know in your order form or welcome letter or welcome email if your mobile equipment is subject to such a payment and provide you with the original value on which that payment is based. The payment will be 1/24th of the original value of the mobile equipment, less any initial payment you make towards it, multiplied by the number of months remaining until the end of your minimum period. You will make this payment to us immediately on request following the agreement coming to an end

In other words, like most contracts the phone is yours on completion of the contract.

If you want to know more see the 2 suggestions above

  bremner 13:56 03 Apr 2011

I agrre with Mr Mistoffeles, however I have not seen a deal where you also rent the phone. All the deals I have seen involve purchase of the phone and a fixed period service contract.

  Muergo 23:12 08 Apr 2011

My Vodafone contract was for a free Nokia 5800Express and rental of £10 monthly for 24 months inclusive minutes and texts. This is about the price of the phone then, £240 so it's like paying for it monthly with the calls/texts thrown in.

I thought about buying one second hand on e-bay but when I asked the seller if he owned it or was it on contract the said he didn't want to deal with me and I could !!!! off.

E-bay took his advert off the site.

Suppose you sold that phone having paid a fraction of the price, there is nothing to stop you cancelling your direct debit, but that is tantamount to theft and the buyer might have to surrender the phone to the supplier and leave the buyer to get his money back. So I would not buy a second hand phone.

What's wrong with the Samsung Galaxy, I was thinking of getting one myself on an upgrade, I'm also looking at the HTC Desire.

  Rayuk 18:22 09 Apr 2011

Many people upgrade their phone just to sell it on,thwen carry on using their old phone on the new contract.Maybe not strictly legit,but they are not trying to fiddle anyone, in the long run they are paying for the phone.

  v1asco 08:33 10 Apr 2011


They are fiddling the provider until they have finished the contract. I suggest you also reads the T & C considering unlocking, certainly 3 at least require this to be done via them.

What does 'not strictly legit' mean?

Muergo makes a valid point about buying new model phones. Perhaps it is similar to buying a car and then selling it on with money still owing?

  Rayuk 15:45 10 Apr 2011

Northern term for possibly illegal in the eye of the law. I think I will pass on your suggestion to read the T & C. I never mentioned unlocking the phone,you advertise it with providers name,up to buyer if he/she wants to unlock it.

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