Sell my computer??

  leecr 18:19 01 Apr 2008

Hi, I don't know if I have posted this in the right place or not but here goes...I am looking to sell my compaq pavilion sr1709uk, with leather executive chair which I bought fromm Viking-Direct and a computer desk. How much do you think I could sell it for? I am looking to buy a desktop replacement laptop as the computer is taking up far too much room in the hall, what with the chair and all! Help would be VERY appreciated!!

  Forum Editor 18:23 01 Apr 2008

I'm afraid. The best way to get an idea is to take a browse through similar items for sale on Ebay.

  Totally-braindead 19:00 01 Apr 2008

Ignoring the chair the price of the desktop depends on what specification it is and how old it is.
The FEs right in what he says, look about and see what price they go for.
The thing is as time goes on you get better faster PCs for your money. What maybe cost say £700 a year ago you can get for maybe £400 now.
Sadly this means that your PC unless its very new is worth little.

  GaT7 10:23 06 Apr 2008

Hmm, not much fuss in answering a similar query in this more recent thread click here.

leecr, prices have fallen drastically, so you're only likely to get a small return for something you may have paid a substantial amount for a few years ago. As an example, you can get a dual-core PC for £190 click here, & click here to look at some inexpensive refurbished ones at BigPockets.

To sell it, try placing a free ad in your local newspaper, or paying a small fee to put it up at the local newsagent's or similar. G

  Forum Editor 12:34 06 Apr 2008

Hmm, that's because I didn't notice the other thread.

  GaT7 13:19 06 Apr 2008

Perhaps something to add to the official forum rules then? G

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