Security Suites

  iscanut 10:53 30 Dec 2008

I know there are good free programs ( which I use ), but if you were going to get a paid for version, which is probably the best one to go for ?
Norton 2009, Bit Defender, Kapersky, Nod32 or McAfee. I note that Norton seems to be winning back the sceptics with its new version !

  Woolwell 11:11 30 Dec 2008

I moved from Bit Defender to Kasperksy primarily because it came free with my on-line banking however I haven't regretted the change and now prefer Kaspersky. Before Bit Defender I had McAfee but would not go back to that product.
Nod32 gets good write ups.

  HondaMan 11:12 30 Dec 2008

Probably Norton for me, but I use Zone Alarm and AVG Free at the moment and see no reason to change

  curofone 12:07 30 Dec 2008

Personally I use NOD32 Antivirus, Spyware Doctor and the Windows Vista firewall and that works perfectly for me. Did use zone alarm pro for my firewall when they gave it away free but could not stand it, a million pop ups and would always block programs even when set not to.

I used Kaspersky in the past when I had a free version and it was excellent could not fault it at all and if i was given another free version I would not hesitate to go back to it.

When I changed from Kaspersky I tried out bit defender and ground my computer to a stand still at start up, i am assuming that was more my system rather than the bitdefender as i always hear good things about that.

As for Norton 2009, well i hear that it is a million times better than the old versions although it would be hard not to be. As far as I am concerned norton have made their bed and I will never use them again and the same goes for McAfee.

My recommendation would be if you are going for a suite then definatly kaspersky, if you are going for indviual programs then I find my set up is perfect.

  wiz-king 12:29 30 Dec 2008

I have been using the ESET (NOD32) Smart Security Suite click here for the last few months and it appears to work well. It has less drain on the system than Norton 360 v2 which slowed my very basic computer down.

  961 16:00 30 Dec 2008

Kaspersky security suite currently comes free with my on line banking and since they will pick up the pieces if someone snaffles the lot I guess they have little come back since they recommend (and supply) it.

On top of that I use spybot search and destroy, and spywareblaster, both free

I guess this lot must be working because system scans once a week rarely show anything

The system does not slow down the way it used to do with others (F-secure, ZA Pro suite, Spyware Doctor) and there seem to be no conflicts

  Maturin 16:33 30 Dec 2008

BT INternet ditched Norton in favour of McAfee security suite.

McAfee seems to work better on my low spec laptop using up less CPU capacity than the latest (?) Norton offering.

There is little to choos between them on my main desktop rig.

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