Security SIA Licence

  Terry Brown 14:40 29 Mar 2009

This Government has imposed a charge on all persons who work in the security industry, who have to (by law) to be licenced.

The charge for this is currently £245 for a 3 year licence, to do a job that the security companies used to do themselves as part of the induction service.

Please click on the link to call for the abolishing of this TAX on security staff.
Thank you
click here

  interzone55 15:48 29 Mar 2009

Just be aware that FE usually pulls these threads.

This scheme was brought in because many, many firms didn't carry out the proper checks and training, which lead to situations where criminal gangs ran the doors of most clubs in some cities...

  tullie 16:18 29 Mar 2009

My firm pays mine.
Tax?No it isent.You pay for a driving license,tv etc dont you?

  spuds 16:51 29 Mar 2009

I suppose one argument is that some security companies pay their staff the minimum wage,for irregular hours, but so doe's a lot of other trades. Asking for tax exemptions for one particular job might result in others demanding the same!.

  Kaacee 20:21 29 Mar 2009

So why work for them, find a firm that does pay the licence fee.

  tullie 20:51 29 Mar 2009

Found a new word on the site "riddickulous"

  NewestRoyWidd1 05:16 30 Mar 2009

Gudlucker;"So why work for them,find a firm that does pay the licence fee".Not that easy when,in my area at least,most firms are not recruiting.
I agree that the industry needs strictly regulating,but the way it's been done,and the fee charged are wrong.The only correct thing has been the large numbers of licences that are revoked for whatever reasons,thereby removing people who probably wouldn't be good for the industries"image"anyway.

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