Securing a refund from total PDA - help

  puma22 08:27 28 Jul 2005

Hi, I ordered someting from TotalPDA on Sat 2nd July. I cancelled the order later that moring by replying to the cofimration e-mail (wich they said to do) and by contecating them via thier web site. However, on Mon 4th they swiped the money out of my account. I cannot seem to scure the return of my money. (see earlier thread about them asking for my CC details via unsecured e-mail) They have now stopped responding to my e-mails
Any adivice?

  anchor 12:23 28 Jul 2005

Call them on:

0800 0 928 928

My past dealing with TotalPDA have shown them to be an ethical company.

  anchor 12:44 02 Aug 2005

How did you get on?. If all fails contact your credit card issuer.

  puma22 09:31 07 Aug 2005

I've just got back from my hols so havnt had time to chase this up. The money is still not in my account but have had an e-mail asking me for me card details yet again. Will keep posting as to how this progresses.

  HondaMan 10:55 07 Aug 2005

If you cancelled your order within the cooling off period, which it seems you did, they are obligated to refund your money. If the purchase was over £100 get on to your credit card company as well.

  anchor 11:08 07 Aug 2005

Hope you had a good holiday.

Don`t e-mail them with the CC details; telephone on the freephone number I gave above. I feel sure the matter will then be resolved quickly.

  Forum Editor 11:59 07 Aug 2005

the fact that the company has 30 days within which to refund to your card. Most companies don't take that long, but keep it in mind when you're considering your next move.

  anchor 12:29 07 Aug 2005


It seems that the 30 days have passed. puma22 said the order was cancelled on 2nd July, and the money debited on 4th July.

Without doubt a conversation with them on the telephone will be best way to resolve this.

  puma22 16:02 07 Aug 2005

I will give them a phone tomorrow and remind them of the thirty day rule. I think one of the main problems might be that it is for a relatively small ammount so is under the £100 limit to involve the CC company. Will post as to how I get on.

  puma22 08:39 11 Aug 2005

Thanks for the advice, I have now got the refund!

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